Vince & Linda McMahon Donate Nearly $160,000 To Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign

Vince and Linda McMahon have been revealed as six-figure donors to the Mitt Romney for President campaign. According to CNN, the McMahons donated a total of $159,910 to Romney's campaign, with $9,910 going to his "victory fund" and the other $150,000 going to the "Restore our Future" super PAC.

Click here for an updated list of celebrity donors for both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

  • jdl

    Good god, they actually support that nutbar? Bleah.

  • Blake

    Thats fantastic!!

  • Viper55337

    Tax cuts for rich people!!!!

  • Chuck

    They should have sent it to the victims of Colorado instead.

  • eric

    Who cares

  • Justin

    Look at the hatred here against the rich. Typical. Vince and Romney have something in common: both had successful father's, but both weren't content with that as they both worked hard to become extremely successful. Those that are upset with their success are nothing more than envious people.

    • jdl

      The fact that Romney is a nutcase has nothing to do with his pro-wealthy leanings. Watch the guy give a speech, there is something very, very wrong with him and if he wins whatever direction he takes the US in will not be a positive one.

  • dtoole

    Couldn’t they have donated the money to a better cause???

    • jdl

      You mean like clubbing baby seals?

      All jokes aside… clubbing seals is still a better cause than Romney.

  • Mike L

    Talk about a useless investment. And I agree with the who said send the money to Colorado.

  • RJ Hewit

    Calling people who are upset with them "envious" makes a rash generalization of those you dont know and truly says more about you sir. That being said this doesnt surprise me at all. The people who are commenting have their right to say what they like as Vince can give his money to any whack-job vulture capitalist that he'd like. Linda is a republican so this doesnt surprise me. Just disappoints me because its been thought that WWE transitioned to PG for the simple fact of Linda pipe dream of becoming a senator. I will say that Romneys wrong when he says he understands business. In no way, shape, form or fashion will a Romney victory help the economy. Guys like Romney rule America but could give a shit less about the people that live in it. Obamas no better. Prob worse in that he is a democrat that comes off like he wants to help the poor but makes decisions that contradict that idea. Enough politics. Bring Morrison back. Cant wait til Orton is back and soooooo glad Punk is a heel.

  • Matt

    Good for them, America needs a future! Glad the McMahons see that! I donated but not in that amount. Every little bit helps

  • Kleck

    Good job Vince. I hope Romney can use that money to defeat the man in the White House.

  • Yanman

    No matter who wins McMahon and rich people just like him will always be rich. I always laugh that people think Obama will somehow steal all your riches lol. You see these ridiculous sports contracts. I work at a private airport in CA. One CEO and his biz partner just bought a jet and helicopter totaling close to 20 million. Yeah, this country is really going down lol.

  • Einar

    Who cares. In a real democracy you get new politics if you get a new president. This is just a change from a half white president to an all white president. They are still all owned and operated from the offices at Wall Street.

  • Stan smith

    We just had 8 years of a republican nut job or has every1 4got about Bush we r in this mess because of the republicans and everyone thinks they will get us out not gonna happen im from mass where Romney was governor and I aint voteing for him that should say something I just wish Vince found a better way to spend my money and yes its my money every live event i attend every ppv i buy it makes me wanna stop giving him my money

  • Kevin

    Well, Vinny Mac, I must say that I disagree with your choice for President, but it is America, and you do have the right to spend your money any way you wish. I just wish you weren't backing Mitt Romney. I'll still tune in to WWE though. I may not agree with your Presidential choice, but I do love your show. By the way, is there any chance I could get you to donate $25,000 to the Kevin's Family Needs a New Car Campaign? No? Ah, well, I thought I'd give it a shot.