Vince & Linda McMahon Earned $24.1 Million In 2011

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Vince and Linda McMahon have released their 2011 tax returns, which reports earnings of $24.1 million, which is down $6 million from the amount they earned in 2010.

The McMahons paid $3.6 in federal taxes and $1.72 million in state taxes. Much of the federal taxes were paid on dividend income, which is taxed at a 15.05 percent rate. They donated nearly $2.3 million to charity with $2 million going to the Vince and Linda McMahon Family Foundation.

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  • PainOfDemise

    That is a good chunk of money. I never saw how much they have made before, honestly I am surprised it wasn't more.

  • RobUK

    Now I know absoulotley nothing about WWE finances – except that they make a ton of money, but this seems alot lower than I imagined Vince would make. I mean don’t get me wrong $24m is still a unimaginable sum of money but do they make more from somewhere else..? If anyone knows that would be great.

    • CS4523

      I'm pretty sure this is it. Their gross must be multiples of this, but consider WWE's production values, payroll, etc. as well as the mentioned taxes. Granted 24 million seems like a less profitable than usual year for them, it still is the ton of money you'd expect.

  • branchtana

    I wonder if these are just their personal earnings and not necessarily the overall profits of the company. Can anyone answer this? 24 million… Poor McMahons, this economy IS really putting a strain on EVERYONE! Lol

  • Evon Reese

    If they make a Billon dollars a year good for them. Vince has worked hard to build his company. I don't know anyone that sets out to build a company hoping it will fail or not want to be a millionaire from it. I wish I had the vision to start my own company and succeed as they have.