Vince McMahon Admits Disappointing TV Deal, WWE Network Hurt Negotiations, Caller Doesn't Get Put In Hammerlock

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WWE held a Business Outlook call with investors on Monday to try and ease concerns after the announcement of their new domestic TV deal with NBCUniversal. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to make the call, however, Brooks Oglesby recapped it exclusively for

In the call, Vince McMahon, in England for TVs, admitted they were "somewhat disappointed" with WWE's new domestic TV agreement. However, he explained it was still a good deal when you look at the company's worldwide TV deals.

It was also discussed how the WWE Network hurt negotiations for a new TV deal but that WWE didn't want to wait another year to launch it.

McMahon told Brad Safalow of PAA Research on a conference call on August 1, 2013 that if WWE didn't double their TV rights fees, he could put him in a hammerlock. Safalow was on Monday's call and asked questions but didn't mention the bit from last year.

Ultimately, the call was done to promote transparency and restore investor confidence by explaining the company is learning a new business model. WWE's stock was trading at $10.99 as of this writing and has been trading on a range of 10.77 - 11.91 for the day.

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    What was the hurry w/ the network? There wasnt competition from other wrestling companies.