Vince McMahon Flipping Out Over Alberto Del Rio's Serious Injury - Details On Three WWE Stars That Have Been Talked About To Replace Him At Sunday's No Way Out Pay-Per-View Including One That May Surprise You, Del Rio Health Update, More

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I'm told Vince McMahon has been "flipping out" over the injury to Alberto Del Rio. While it's not Del Rio's fault he got a concussion, Vince is in panic mode trying to find a replacement for the World Heavyweight Championship match at No Way Out. McMahon has been pushing the writing team to come up with a suitable replacement for a back-up plan.

While a replacement for Del Rio has yet to be named, or even confirmed given the fact he's expected to be reevaluated today, there are three names currently being talked about. The three names are Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Ryback. Kane replaced Del Rio in recent live event matches and while creative would be forced to forget about his involvement in CM Punk/Daniel Bryan and drop him from the triple-threat match for the WWE Championship, he does provide them with a reliable option.

Ziggler, who has been pushing for a big singles run, seems to be a likely candidate but some doubt Vince will go with it and make a decision to rush Ryback into the role. This of course would carry a huge risk as there are plans to ease Ryback into Smackdown's main event scene.

  • chelu671

    Nothing wrong with Kane or Dolph Ziggler getting the World Title shot. However, I can’t take Ryback as a contender seriously. Since his return, all he has been doing is squashing no names.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Ryback is being built up and he is supossed to squash no named wrestlers it's what they did years ago to build up a wrestler….WWE's mistake would be to to Rush him to a title shot before he is ready.

  • Randall

    So where's the health update and more?

    • Richard Gray

      Re-evaulauted today

      • Randall

        i guess i need to read more carefully haha

  • Wayne

    Why not Miz? He have any heat?

    • robert

      miz sucks.

  • Rkoturner17

    Ryback should totally come out and face Sheamus! It makes sense since they were a tag team in fcw, right?! Sheamus could brag that del rio was too scared to face him and ask for an open challenge… Here comes Ryback! Plus Kane and Ziggler already have matches!

  • Ricky

    WWE is in a tight spot with lack of top heels with Jericho suspended, Del Rio hurt. Maybe they need to re-push the Miz. Maybe even Swagger.

  • smithmiester

    Who cares? Kurt angle and aj styles are the tag champs

    • robert

      forget the negative thumps down, only reason i would give a thumps down is because Angle should be in any heavyweight championship match, but i'm sure it has something do with angles injuries.

  • Josh

    Ryback would be a huge mistake, he would look so weak after going through people like crazy. I would be fine with the other two, and I agree with Wayne, why not the Miz? Or if they really want a new guy, why not Sandow?

  • Bault16

    Too soon for Ryback, I mean right? You may as well push his undefeated record as long as you can and ease him up the ladder. If the crowd doesn’t buy in then you cut off the push.

  • bobcavic

    I’ve decided to think ‘outside the box’ on this one because this is sort of a unique situation…

    How about an open Gauntlet Match? A handfull of semi-jobbers going after Sheamus one by one until one wins the title (or not). Obviously Sheamus beats all of them, unless you want to throw a curve ball and use Ryback. But I think it’s too soon.

  • ranewber

    Ziggs has the least risk and greatest reward. He will do a good job and this could be his chance to dunk the ball, as he says. If u put Kane in it destroys the main storyline on Raw. Ryback is awesome but its way to early. If you want someone else how about waiting till no way out… Daniel Bryan loses the first match, then steps in and beats Sheamus. Maybe even in 18 seconds.

    • robert

      i like the last part a mystery opponent at nwo and Bryan comes out. not the 18 seconds but him wrestling twice.

  • Jim

    Too soon for Ryback. It's not like they are going to put him over Sheamus, so we automatically know there will be a dirty finish where someone gets DQ'ed or counted out. Just so they can keep his undefeated streak alive.

    Ziggler would normally be the way to go IMO but, because he has just lost 2 matches to Sheamus in the past couple weeks, it's bad timing.

    So that leaves Kane who has been booked to look really strong lately since being added to the Punk/Bryan feud. So if I were the decision maker I'd pull Kane out of the WWE Championship match and insert him into the match against Sheamus for the W.H.C.

  • robert

    good take out kane and have Daniel Bryan and CM punk wrestle at at every ppv for the title i'd buy it, Ziggler sux i wouldn't pay for a ziggs ppv main event even if it was against Danielson or Punk who does he know in wwe why is he still there, what? almost 8-10 years and a low card guy.

  • Mohit Khatri

    how bout letting daniel bryan challenge for both titles