New Details On Vince McMahon's One-Sided Conversation About CM Punk Not Working TLC, Replacement Opponent For The Rock At Royal Rumble, The Thinking Behind 6-Man TLC Replacement Match

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We're told Vince McMahon had a discussion with CM Punk on Tuesday that was "very one-sided." Vince basically told Punk he isn't working for three weeks and they'll see how he feels after that. He was insistent they weren't going to blowup the proposed Royal Rumble main event against The Rock for a B-level pay-per-view.

Punk is reportedly doing "really well" and while normal recovery time for arthroscopic knee surgery is 4-6 weeks, there have been athletes that are back in their respective sports in 1-2 weeks. One observer said the fact of the matter is Vince isn't risking it, especially in a TLC match against an opponent [Ryback] that isn't exactly known for protecting people.

In the long run the injury eliminates another difficult creative situation of Ryback losing again and sets up a restart of the feud for later. It's considered highly unlikely that Punk wouldn't be able to work Royal Rumble but if he couldn't go, they would likely go with Rock vs. John Cena to fit in everything else later. This would also likely setup Cena as interim champion.

As for the replacement match at WWE TLC, Vince wanted a TLC match on the show so they are going with the TLC match with the added pin or submission stipulation. We're told a lot of people feel this is lazing booking and lacks logic.

  • Izblack

    SMH, why waist your planned WM main event at the Royal Rumble. If Punk can't go then strip him of the title, I don't get why he's so Fíng special that he gets too keep the title while hurt when guys like Cena, Batista, Undertaker had too forfeit their titles when they got legit hurt. Why not just have Ziggler beat Cena at TLC then cash in against the winner of Sheamus/Big Show at the end of the night and win then have him go into the Rumble with the title too face Rock. If Punk can't go then tough shit, he shouldn't be able too just sit on the sideline with the strap. Sick of McMahon & the IWC kissing Punk's ass

    • B-Real

      Knowing Punk, I wouldn't be surprised if he milked his injury just so he doesn't have too lose the strap to the Rock and so he could keep his title longer. He seems shady enough to do something dirty like that.

      • n1ck

        wow you think you know the Guy because you watch him on TV? what a mark

    • huz

      I think the main reason that Punk gets to keep the title is that his injury is not severe like the other cases you mentioned. He just cannot work a match for a weeks while the guys you mentioned had to have major surgery and then months of rehab afterword.

    • Nick B

      Except he CAN go, Vince won’t let him. Also their injuries were serious his is going to take 1-2 weeks to heal. This has been planned for well over 6 months so why throw it away because of 2 weeks? Also rock is chalanging the WWE champion, not the world heavyweight champion. It would make no sense for him to face Ziggler.

    • Kerri

      One BIG reason to look at with all the guys you mentioned about having to forfeit their titles is this- They were all projected and looked at being out for at least 6 months or more in the first stages of their respective injuries. Punk is only looked at to be out no more than 6 wks with recent injury/surgery. And you can't use that some guys came back early than planned- at the time of every injury, the projected time off was too long to keep the titles on them.

      I'm not kissing Punk's ass here- I'm just using logic and common sense in looking up things before I post a rant like you seem to do.

  • Evon Reese

    The show will be great without Punk. Even better without all the whining and crying

    • Izblack

      Exactly. Could not have said it better myself

    • n1ck

      LOL rycena marks

      • Evon Reese

        You gotta love how if you are not a Punk fan you are a mark. However if you are a mark for Punk you are really not a mark at all. Lol.

  • bejealous

    I don’t know why everyone is so upset about the new match. It’s something different having the pin/submission stip. these were the rules for a TLC match in the video games for the longest time, and it would be a good way to put over the Shield without beating Ryback directly. Plus DB is in the main event again! YES! YES! YES!


    Why not just have Ziggler cash in on Punk. Kind of how they did when Edge cashed in on Taker when he got hurt. I'd love too see Ziggler/Rock at the Rumble.

    • eurosario

      That contract is for the world heavyweight championship only

    • Nick B

      Because his MITB briefcase is for the world heavyweight championship. Also punk will be fine by royal rumble, he will be out for 3 weeks.


    Then just push Rock/Punk back too Elimation Chamber

  • SteveLP

    Punk is only out for a couple of weeks, why strip him of the title? If he was massively injured then sure but he's not. TLC is not a big PPV and we've now got The Shield's first match. This puts them over as a big deal being in the main event.

  • amaanakter786

    I agree with vince entirely why risk a huge main event wih the rock and punk for a stupid match with Ryback who isnt the best wrestler tbh and it saves them from booking another terrible finish

  • Miles

    Why can’t people see Ziggler iis mid card and no more, as is punk and even Cena. There is no top level talent in wrestling today hence less talented people get elevated

  • AntGilroy

    You guys are funny. Huge pop reading these comments… thank you.

    • bejealous

      You’re welcome! LOL

  • sir-rusty82

    you guys are nuts vince actually did the right thing by making Punk have time off instead of risking his injury getting worse and to lose the centre piece of the wwe story lines

  • Jaryd

    Punk is such a genius to of made marks out of so many IWC people.

  • Evon. Reese

    The point is it doesn't matter if Punks going to be out 2 or 3 weeks or 2 or 3 days. It's a great way of getting rid of him now.