Vince McMahon Comments On Big Change Coming To WWE TV

WWE Smackdown will move from SyFy to the USA Network on Thursday, January 7, 2016, making USA the exclusive cable home of WWE’s “marquee properties.” Dot com published a new article about the move with this from Vince McMahon:

“WWE is proud to have SmackDown join Raw as part of our expanded partnership with USA Network,” said WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. “The combination of the No. 1 cable network and two ratings juggernauts provides a destination for our viewers and an extraordinary platform for our partners.”

The big question everyone is asking is if Smackdown will go from tape to live in the United States. The current answer is no. As we reported here on Wrestling News World Premium, if WWE decides to move the show live from tape, it will also likely move to Tuesday nights. This way, WWE would be able to run TVs consecutively, as is the current set up. The company will be monitoring to see how TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” does on Tuesday nights to gauge what the audience is like that night of the league. They would then have to convince the USA Network to alter their schedule.

We have more in our WNW Premium exclusive at this link.

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  • Vomkrieg

    I still don’t have a reason to watch Smackdown. Many years ago, it was my favorite WWE show, with it’s own cast and stories.

    Now it’s just filler material for Raw, and by not watching Smackdown, I don’t miss anything important. It’s basically a 2 hour Superstars now.

  • Hani

    If SD didn’t return back from tape to live, and the previous system of dividing the rosters between Raw and Smackdown didn’t return, and also returning the world heavyweight title to smackdown, then nothing will really change about the importance of SD

    • DM

      I’m Agree. What’s the point of having thund… I mean Smackdown! hehe sorry but seriously, what’s the point of having Smackdown nowdays???

  • Snap

    Wait, they’re going to use TNA’s performance to gauge whether there is an audience for any particular night? Either WWE is trolling everybody or it is their way of saying “not going to happen.”

  • Jim Evans

    TNA is on Wednesday nights on Destination America and not Tuesday nights. When TNA moves to POP TV, i don’t know what night that will be.