Vince McMahon Fuming Over Recent Leaks Regarding The WWE Network; Hires Private Investigators To Find Leaks, Current Employees Threatened With Termination, Why The Network Is Being Described As A "Complete Disaster," Negotiations Hurt By Recent Media Reports

I'm told WWE officials are "absolutely livid" over some of the recent stories regarding the upcoming WWE Network. One story in particular, written by the New York Post and recapped here, has Vince McMahon absolutely fuming.

McMahon was particularly upset about the following part of the article:

Although WWE’s TV shows draw big ratings, it has yet to strike a single deal with a cable or satellite-TV provider to carry its own cable channel, sources said.

Since there would be no way for cable or satellite providers to know the status of negotiations for any deal other than the deal with that particular cable or satellite provider, Vince was convinced the New York Post's sources for that information came either from people within the company or former employees of the company.

WWE has gone as far as hiring private investigators to try to find out who has been leaking information about the WWE Network and some people have been told they risk termination if they are suspected of speaking to the press about the difficulties the company is having in launching the network.

While it is true WWE has failed to strike any carriage agreements, it has hurt their negotiating position for it to be so publicly known that nobody has agreed to carry the network so far. I was told by somebody involved, the phrase "complete disaster" would actually be quite an understatement to describe the status of the network at this time.

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    Hilarious VKM aka Basil Falty

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      Appreciate the reference, hopefully I'm not the only one who gets it.

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        Yea, the reference is spot on!

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    hey richard, i'm sure you get tons of emails from wwe all the time, but do they ever email you asking for your sources? just curious

    • wnwdotcom2

      The only case I've had with WWE trying to find my sources is feeding sources false information to see what ends up here. That's why I no longer post match outcomes even if I hear them.

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    thanks for the reply. im sure most of us still like to be suprised by the outcome anyway.

  • PhilT81

    I hope that the WWE network succeeds – but they can’t do it if each of their shows is only 5 minutes long – and five minutes is quite long enough. I do like Are You Serious? and Foreign Exchange though. I think you could lengthen them to 15 minutes per week and go from there to see if you could get a 30 minute show out of it – which only needs to be 22 minutes with commercials, assuming they can get any sponsors. I don’t like Dolph Zigglers show – the clips are things you’d see on =3 or Rudetube – Ray William Johnson and Alex Zaine both do a better job of presenting than he does. He really needs to work on his charisma and humour rather than just reading the auto-cue straight. It may be easier with two superstars so they can bounce off each other – I would have thought The Miz would be a good choice to host a show. I actually think R-Truth would do a good job of hosting Dolph’s show.