Vince McMahon Had Surgery On Friday, Backstage At Raw On Crutches

- Vince McMahon underwent hip surgery on Friday and is on crutches backstage at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia at Monday's WWE Raw taping. The guy doesn't take time off as the company capitalized on his real-life health with the F5 angle on last week's show.

- WWE has announced a live event from the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury, Maryland on March 24, 2013.

  • saleh

    respect for Vince’s dedication RESPECT BIG TIME!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    No wrestler can complain about they’re hurt, Vince works on crutches and Punk Cena worked after having his elbow cleaned up and is still battling through injuries. Young wrestlers learn from these men before they retire.

    • Win

      Vince didn’t exactly have to comeback to in-ring action and CM punk, as well as Cena, have taken time off do to injuries before.

      • Michael

        Cena took time off when he had neck surgery. I’m not talking about serious injuries like that, I’m talking about when a young wrestler has an injury that only last for a few Weeks and they cry. And that’s my point Vince didn’t have to take the bump he took last week knowing that he needed surgery however he did for business and I don’t remember Punk taking off not even when he was injured a few years ago he did play by play.

    • Austin

      So you’d rather them get addicted to pain killers to battle through the pain, so they can drop dead in a hotel room. It’s Vince that needs to either stop working his talent so hard, or at least give them proper time to heal up ffs

      • Michael

        What are you talking about are either Punk or Cena addicted to pain killers no. That has nothing to do with Vince working them hard it’s all on you having a strong mind or not. I have herniated disk in my back from playing football I’m not hooked on pain killers and I’m in pain everyday. You name to me who got hurt in wwe and addicted to pain killers?

  • WNW Fan


    Was it actual hip replacement or something more minor? And was it the hip Vince landed on last week? Just curious

    • It was just a fairly minor repair to the top of his hip joint – probably due to all of the squats he’s still doing at 67. At that age it’s not worth ruining your bones/joints in an attempt to maintain muscle mass! He’s fairly obsessive though, and expects the same standards from his independent contractors.