Vince McMahon Head Of WWE Creative, Total Divas Scripted, Bret Hart Paved The Way, Future Of The Shield

If all final decisions go through Vince McMahon, shouldn't he take some of the negative feedback directed at the WWE creative team after bad storylines? He has obviously given the green light for the creative team to write and produce these storylines, yet creative get blamed for everything it seems.

Vince McMahon is the head of the WWE creative team so when they are criticized, he is criticized. This is a job that he took back from Stephanie McMahon last year. At the time it was unknown if WWE would acknowledge the change because they didn't want to paint Stephanie in a negative light. WWE later addressed the switch and gave Stephanie the title of Chief Brand Officer. When WWE does well, Vince McMahon does well and vice versa.

How much of Total Divas is scripted?

Total Divas is completely scripted. Yes, there are real-life aspects (such as the partner relationships) but everything else is made for TV. I'm sure there are some "slip-ups" and legitimate moments that find there way onto final versions, however, it's just like any other reality series. The purpose of Total Divas is to expand the company's demographics by bolstering the female audience. The series has been a resounding success on E, becoming the network's number two original series behind "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

I've noticed Bret Hart doing a few independent shows and it got me thinking is this not a step down for a guy who seen himself as a real life hero? Did he not save his money or can he just not stay away from the business like so many others?

When I first read this question I nearly deleted it and said Bret Hart's net worth is none of our business. However, that's a copout because Bret is a public figure. While someone's private life is none our business, we also have an obligation to provide the public with information (especially information that is already publicly available). Therefore the folks at estimate Bret Hart's net worth at $14,000,000. I see Bret Hart as a real life hero and as someone that transcended the wrestling business. He was the one that laid the groundwork for workers like Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle with a level of legitimacy that hadn't been seen before him. I respect and admire Bret Hart on multiple levels. I can't answer the question as to why Hart does independent bookings but if you get the opportunity to meet him, you should take it.

With Seth Rollins breaking away from The Shield, what do you see next for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Will they continue as a tag team or go their separate ways?

I expect follow-up and retaliation from Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on Seth Rollins and Evolution. I'm not sure what the next step is, if there will be more members, etc. However, WWE is already hyping [via Triple H] that The Shield has perished. WWE has be careful because all three [Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins] cannot be elevated at the same time. Rollins is first in breaking away, so now particular focus should be put on his elevation.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: Which member of The Shield do you think has the most potential? - This is a question that’s too early to answer because we haven’t seen enough of any of them. Roman Reigns is the greenest of the trio as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have already had runs as top guys in other promotions (Dragon Gate USA and Ring of Honor respectively), however, Reigns has a great look. WWE’s developmental system is very well stocked and these are three of the best. Take a look at WWE’s top prospects from the original Nexus and you can see more of what I’m talking about.Remember questions that are legible stand the best chance of getting answered. Check out the Ask WNW archive at this link.

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  • Big Boss Man’s Breakfast

    I think Ziggler or Christian should join the shield temporaray. Both excellent workers and the deserve a run at the top.

    • Dave Barton

      Of your two suggestions, I think Ziggler would be the one to go with. Work it into the storyline that The Authority has continuously found ways to “hold him down” and keep him out of the main event picture.

      • David F

        Sami Zayn would be great fit for Shield to finish the feud between Evolution and Shield

    • David Jr.

      If someone joins the Shield, it should be someone they call up from NXT, like a Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, etc.

    • GOR

      Wat if Batista joins the shield wen he does come back after his movie releases ?

  • BIG M

    I personally think Ambrose should have been the first person to break away from the Shield.
    WWE and Pro wrestling in general need more loose cannon types and with the right push Ambrose could be this generations answer to Roddy Piper.

    • Roddy

      I’ve always thought he was kind of, and no pun intended, a “Loose Cannon” like Brian Pillman. Either way, I agree. He should’ve been the first

      • matt

        There is a reason to go with Rollins first. He is the least talked about/hyped guy in the shield. Therefore giving him the push first allows him to prove what hes got. Its a consensus that Reigns and Ambrose are in for long and lustrious careers if they stay healthy. So give Rollins the evolution rub for now, and in the near future you will see Reigns and Ambrose get their shots as well.

  • David Jr.

    Why Bret Hart does independent shows, could it be possible when he was first starting, veterans and legends of wrestling would do independent shows and he learned from them, so he wants to do the same and give his knowledge of the busines to those trying to break in?

    • Judas

      When Bret was starting it was still the territory days. The only independent shows at the time were outlaw shows, and most credible names wouldn’t work on those shows since it would lead to being blackballed by the promoter of that territory and others. It’s probably because he wants to give back as you said, but also interact with fans. The guy has had a streak of luck on par with Kevin Von Erich the past 15 years so I imagine he doesn’t want to sit around alone in his house all the time.

      • David Jr.

        My bad. I know that, I didn’t mean to say independent show. I was just saying when he was starting out like those from indepedent shows are starting now.

  • David C

    Whilst i don’t wish for a person to have a hard time, i can’t help but wish that Reigns loses some of the attraction once he’s in singles competition.

    So far he’s been very well protected by having two great technicians and ring generals alongside him to guide and teach over the last year and a half. However all of his singles matches have been less than what a champion should be able to show and i still have yet to see a performance by him that shows anything more promising than a 5 move Super Cena 2.0.

    At the same time i hope he doesn’t do that and becomes entertaining… But WWE breeds can only seem to get so far.

  • Bob’s Diner

    The Bret Hart question is interesting… he never claims to be the world’s biggest draw, yet others that do are also appearing at similar (sometimes more embarrassing) independent events. I see it more as others have said, he is giving back to a business he loves. Anyone pursuing a career in pro-wrestling could learn a lot from the guy.

  • I met Bret at a local indie show and he said he loves meeting the fans, and he knows his name is a draw. It seems to me that he’s helping the indie scene and the indie wrestlers as a whole. Now, I’m inferring the second half of that, but he really was quite excited to meet all the fans, and really gave each the time that so many other big names don’t put into such events, especially Vader.

  • Avalanchian

    In a way by breaking up the Shield now also. It kind of makes finding opponents for the Wyatts now. Can’t forever be Cena and Usos…. Can it?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Evolution *cough* Just a thought.