Vince McMahon Injured While Training, Undergoing Surgery announced Monday evening that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon suffered an injury while training recently, meaning he'll have to undergo surgery.

Below is the official statement that was issued:

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon sustained an injury while training, requiring surgery, has learned. The Chairman will be back in the office at WWE Headquarters on Wednesday, as usual.

Stay tuned to for the latest.

  • Brendan Wahl

    There goes his main event run. Hope he doesn’t get labeled injury-prone now.

  • Dave Barton

    “Go ahead, kid! Put another 50 pound plate on each end of the bar, I can handle it!”

    (VKM gets as far as one squat & hears a rip)

    “Someone tell me that was my workout pants….”

    • boostedsubie.

      Not sure if you ever lifted but I’ve never seen a 50lb plate

      • Dave Barton

        Weider and York both make them.