Vince McMahon Issues A Shocking Directive Regarding The Booking Of A Major WWE Name - Who It Is & Why They Have Been Thrown On The Company Back-Burner

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After a reader asked me in this installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag the whereabouts of Christian, I did some further investigating. I'm told Vince McMahon recently gave a directive to make sure Christian is not prominently featured on WWE television until after the company has fulfilled their commitment to TNA Wrestling.

For those asking what commitment, WWE still owes TNA one more appearance by one of their contracted talents as exchange for their usage of Ric Flair over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend earlier this year, and that talent is Christian. Christian is set to appear at TNA's Bound For Glory pay-per-view in October and is expected to be advertised by the company.

Vince wants Christian to "be cold" when he appears for TNA which is why he's been tossed to the back-burner after a TV loss to Antonio Cesaro. While I wasn't told this, I can only assume this has to do with TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE.

  • buddah5050

    Christian needs to pop Vince in his big head allready!!

  • Hitman310

    This is crazy. Christian has to suffer for something he didnt even want to do. If vince agreed to these terms then he should just swallow that bitter pill and just move on. Vince is a sad human being.

  • themcdangler

    It’s sad to see this happening to such a talented vet who i cant see having too many years left in the business.

  • chelu671

    This is sad & pathetic. By now, we all know that VKM doesn't see much of Captain Charisma, but don't take it out on Christian on appearances. Let him do what he's paid to do : wrestle. Since Christian lost the World Championship to Randy Orton on Smackdown, the booking of his character has been lacking & too inconsistent. Thais can be said to most of the midcard talent & expected breakout stars that can't get a chance to prove themselves. I'm a fan of Christian, and I see this as ridiculous.

  • Miles

    On the plus side, he gets some time off

  • Patrick Peralta

    Vince is just being petty…. if what he is doing to Christian and in part to TNA… is just him being immature…..if the situation was on the other foot…Vince would throw a fit if TNA acted like this. Punishing Christian just because Vince doesn't want him looking Red Hot on their show is just plain stupid…it's not going to kill him.

    Vince just needs to grow up period.

  • stoney

    Christian should be a main eventer, he had two meaningless world title reigns and is a midcarder compared to guys who don't matter like Alberto Del Rio. Vince holds a grudge like a high school cheerleader

  • matt

    he just gets more childish every year, and his ego gets bigger

  • partyjereme

    Isn't this what I see people complaining about all the time is that the wrestlers need time off and now that Christian is actually getting time off people are complaining about that. I guess the fans will never be happy.

  • havoc525

    I love people bashing Vince on this one. If TNA would give up their pissing contest (which they WILL lose), Vince wouldn’t be doing this.