Vince McMahon Issues An Edict To Protect A Huge Name Currently Working With WWE To Possibly Be The "Face" Of The 2013 Hall Of Fame Class; HHH Rebuked By Vince

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We're told Vince McMahon has issued an edict that Mick Foley's character is to be "protected more" after years of Triple H and others trying to bury him whenever possible.

There was a funny incident at a recent meeting where Hunter reportedly made a snide comment about Foley and Vince "put his foot down" and let everyone know that if they are going to put Foley in the Hall of Fame next year (as planned), his character needs to start being better protected until then.

While this plan is obviously subject to change, right now Foley is considered a 2013 inductee thus the "protect Foley" initiative is in full force.

  • channesson

    I think the Rock should induct him.. It just makes sense to me plus it means having the rock on the show.. Last year when in Miami alot of ppl were upset that he wasn’t there..

    • J-Dub

      I disagree. It has to be Funk. Terry Funk is the only person that can induct the person who is arguably the greatest hardcore performer that the wrestling world has ever seen. I hope they induct all his personalities including Mr. Socko.

      • drew1997

        Maybe Taker

      • Michael

        The Rock?

  • Dexter Morgan

    Why is Triple H such a prick to the guy that, well, pretty much put him on the map?

    • n1ck

      Because triple h is an egomaniac, a lot of people forget this but he beat punk when he was so hot last year and damn near killed punks momentum. listen to his theme song, it describes him quite well.

      • izblack

        Kind of how Punk has Beat Ryback when he was hot? HHH = Punk, Punk = HHH

        • Nick B

          But the winner of that match wasn’t up to punk, hunter could have chosen to go under punk.

        • Gary

          Ryback isn't hot. Having him shoved down your throat doesn't make him hot.

  • Ray

    Maybe theres a real beef between Tripple H and Foley?

  • A mick Foley this is your life! Lol I think Funk would be a great idea for induction. Also there is no reason that I see for HHH to bury Foley like he does. It’s sickening to watch. I agree with you Richard that the stock in his character is starting to fall with all these seemingly useless appearances on raw. I hope they can do something good with his character until the HOF.

  • Mike

    Good for Vince for finally standing up for Foley against his own son-in-law.

  • Slade6alpha

    What is the beef behind HHH and Foley? I started watching in 08, so I have no idea. Is it his work ethic?

    • proud

      It’s that HHH doesn’t buy into the belief that Mick Foley is a main event talent, based on his wrestling ability and his look.

      Foley put HHH over a number of times but it still isn’t enough, hopefully that will change

  • Stoney

    The Rock or Stone Cold or Terry Funk should induct Mick Foley into the HOF. I don't get why Hunter is such a jerk to Foley

  • Kleck

    Terry Funk is 68 years old

    • ericdraven86

      Senior citizen, and still crazy…

  • christopher525

    For fun, I would have his old buddy Kevin James induct him.