Vince McMahon Joins Twitter, Wade Barrett Vignette Deemed Unsuitable, Undertaker Returns

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- While an official announcement hasn't been made, Vince McMahon is now on Twitter. His account is located @VinceMcMahon.

- A vignette promoting the return of Wade Barrett as a bare-knuckle fighter that aired on Saturday morning last November in the United Kingdom was deemed unsuitable for children by Ofcom. Sky1, the network which aired the material, apologized and asked WWE to avoid producing scenes that feature "real" fighting. Click here for coverage by Digital Spy.

- Undertaker returned to WWE Raw at the opening of this week's "Old School" episode. He slowly merged on-stag as the Wrestlemania 29 logo flashed behind him.  You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Win

    I always said I’d join Twitter, when Vince Mcmahon joined Twitter thinking it would never happen. Damn it LOL!

    • Well, you better hurry! I joined when Cody Rhodes did!

  • Mark McMark

    @CrankyVince anyone?

  • Todd, Todd Johnson

    The Barrett is a joke surely? If they’re going to say a vignette that features violence is unsuitable for children, how can they not have a problem with the entire show? If anything there was probably less actual physical interaction in the vignette then all of that edition Smackdown.

  • Got to love Sky, crime shows, people getting shot and nudity is allowed, but someone fighting. no sorry.

    • It’s ofcom that are the joke. They want to start regulating the TV and radio industries properly instead of dealing with such silly things. They allow local radio to be ruined by networking from a central base yet a vignette dipocting a man playing a character of a “real” fighter on a wrestling show is wrong. Give me a break please