Vince McMahon Nixes Possible CM Punk Appearance On UFC On Fox

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Vince McMahon will not allow WWE Champion CM Punk to escort Chael Sonnen to the Octagon for Sonnen's fight against Mark Munoz on January 28 on UFC on Fox.

Punk confirmed the news to the folks at

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Brad for sending us the link.

  • havoc525

    What happened to “UFC is not in the same business, and isn’t competition” Vince? What a crock of shizz.

    • Abe

      Exactly, that and its the night before Rumble. Huge free advertising.

    • Alex

      Vince can claim all he wants that UFC isn't competition but we all know they are. UFC ppvs does way better numbers than WWE ppvs, even Wrestlemania. It was very smart of Vince to pull Punk from that cause while it might have swayed a small few from UFC to WWE it would swayed far more from WWE to UFC.

  • Bertie

    Ridiculous!!! Surely that sort of thing is good for business!!!!???

  • Patrick_Peralta

    No big Suprise I wondered how long it would take Vince to say "NO" and not allow it. I'm suprised it took this long.

  • Jim

    God forbid CM Punk does something that would garner him and the WWE a ton of mainstream attention. Vince needs to get his panties out of that bunch they are in. I’m not exactly sure how he gets away with treating “independant contractors” like they are employees, but it seems awfully shady. If Punk signed a contract stating he couldn’t do things like that then its his own fault. But I seriously doubt that his contract says anything about being a valet. WWE workers are at every UFC event doing interviews on PPV. I’d think that Punk just escorting Chael to the ring wouldn’t be nearly as big of a problem as actually speaking on UFC PPV’s like Undertaker and Austin do quite regularly.

  • Rosey

    McMahon is a pitiful, conceited, piece of garbage who needs to retire. One wonders why his own son quit the business and we t to dork for UFC. Let’s hope when HHH takes over, he does s better job

  • H.M.

    Punk…you gonna take that? Your boss is holding you back again. Drop some more of those pipebombs.


  • Barb

    I suppose if John Cena wanted to do something like that he would immediately get Vince's blessing. Heaven forbid CM Punk get the mainstream attention he so rightfully deserves.

    • Matt Scott

      Thats just hating on John Cena where hate isn't even needed.

      • Barb

        Really? Huh. Did I say once that I hate John Cena? Um…NO. Its just that Cena has free reign and I am sick to death of Cena and his tired act. All I am saying is let someone else be the face of the company. You are obviously not old enough to remember Hulkamania in the mid 1980s. I am, and I am damn glad I found NWA Georgia wrestling in 1985 because if I didn't I probably would not even care about wrestling today.

        • Matt Scott

          What’s she got to do with it? You’re argument us incredibly asinine. I’ve seen almost every PPV match since WrestleMania 1. I lived through the rise and fall of ECW and WCW. YouTube is filled with clips from Georgia. YOU brought Cena into this where he wasn’t needed. No one has “free reign” in WWE. Thryre all employees of WWE. If you Played for the giants they’re not gonna let you walk on with the jets one day are they!?

        • Matt Scott

          Ok, first whats age got to do with this? Even if I was too young PPVs are readilly avalible on DVD! RAW, Nitro and NWA Georgia avalible on YouTube! So that arguments nixed. Secondly, Cena wouldn't be there either! If you where playing for the Giants they aren't gonna let you pull a one off appearence for the Jets are they!?

    • Bruno

      This has got nothing to do with cena

  • Andy

    I expect to see another shoot promo on raw, considering they give into cm punk's demand when he does, except for that is…….WWE ICE CREAM BARS!!!!! 🙁

  • Steve

    Vince got Brock Lesnar out of it. He no longer needs UFC.

  • Bruno

    No matter what you say, I don’t see it right for the wwe champion to be in a different company

    • Barb

      Not saying Punk specfically, ANYONE other than Cena always being the mainstream media face of the WWE.

  • Bmac4395

    Vince fears UFC

  • Rosey

    Hey barb stop talking abut cena already

    • Matt Scott

      Couldn't agree more.