What Vince McMahon Thinks Is The Reason Behind Monday Night Raw Losing Viewership, What He's Doing To Try & Fix It And Why Some Believe He's Trying To Fix A Problem That Can't Be Fixed

There have been a lot of complaints lately about how much and how often Vince McMahon is changing the script for WWE Monday Night Raw each week, typically on very short notice. One of the biggest issues is Vince's own indecisiveness in terms of how he wants the show structured. When the show first went to three hours last July, the focus was on having the show's four biggest segments spaced out at the top of every hour (8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM and 11 PM).

When ratings declined, Vince was convinced it was because viewers "figured out the formula" and were tuning out at the top of each hour. He then tried to mix the most important segments at random times during each hour to try and "force" the viewer to watch the entire show.

We're told there have been many weeks where Vince wants "the best of both worlds" and tries a little of both. The problem is, Vince changes his mind so frequent the writers show up with one structure and Vince wants the other.

As one observer points out, no matter how much the show is analyzed and broken down, it's still a three hour show. The fact of the matter is there are many that feel Vince is driving them crazy in finding a way to make something work that just might not work. The decline in ratings could have to do with viewer fatigue and the fact that three hours is too long for one show.

However, none of the writers want to challenge Vince about dropping the extra hour as Vince remains pleased with the extra money the company gets for it. The majority of the time writers "bite their tongues" and try their best to give Vince McMahon what he wants each week.

  • Xavier

    Go back to two hours and while their at it move Smackdown back to Thursday ot air it live on Tuesday. It’s not like Sci-Fi has anything better in those Tuesday/Thursday time slots that does better ratings

  • Nostaljack

    Two hours is simply too long to watch anything.

  • thepowerserge

    Two hours worked great for them. Switching to 3 was too long. Xavier has a point. Go back to 2 hours and move Smackdown to Thursday nights. Besides, adding the whole “Friday Night” gimmick to Smackdown has always seemed like a lazy way out. We already have “Monday Night” RAW. After this whole experiment started, I felt like I was watching WCW.

  • Writing the live results for a three hour RAW is a daunting task, and I love pro wrestling. When I’ve stepped in for Alex to write Impact, it feels like a very short cake walk. RAW is just too long to keep the fans captivated.

    • Xavier

      Agreed. I think another reason why viewer ship seems to always be down in the 1st hour is because of time zones. RAW sometimes comes on at 5pm on the West Coast and 6pm in Mountain time zone states. There’s a very good chance that fans are either A.) Still at work or B.) Stuck in traffic on their way home from work.

    • Maybe that’s why I will never write coverage for Raw! Haha

  • John

    RAW needs to go back to two hours & iMPACT needs to drop to 90 minutes. I watch TNA from the UK and the amount of commercials & UK tour promo’s is beyond ridiculous!

  • Patrick

    I’m in the minority 3 hours of wrestling is nothing to me….hell I’ve spent more then that much time and more just surifng the net and watching wrestling on the computer or wrestling DVD’s or just playing a computer game. it’s not big a deal to me.