Vince McMahon Reveals Managerial Secrets To Success, Hatred For Sleep, Love For Bodybuilding

Bloomberg Businessweek has a new feature online on Vince McMahon. In it, Vince reveals the following for his managerial secrets to success. They are as follows:

  • Listen to Your Employees—and Yourself
  • Treat Every Day Like Day One
  • Don’t Cultivate Fear
  • Clear Your Head and Find Your Zone
  • Don’t Settle for BS Answers When Interviewing Job Candidates
  • Complacency Is Your Worst Enemy

In the piece, McMahon discusses his hatred for sleep but love for bodybuilding. You can read the very interesting piece at this link.

  • AnacondaVise

    Sleep is awesome I recommend everyone giving it a try.

  • Dave

    I call BS on some of that, lol. How are you supposed to bodybuild on 4 hours’ sleep?

    • Richard Gray


      • Terry


      • bejealous

        LOL so true

      • Flame.L-DW.Leader

        that is true steroids will bodybuild but steriods is bad for you though

      • Chuck

        Breaking news Vince McMahon suspended for 30 days for his first wellness violation..

        • Mr.Love

          Lol that’s great! Didn’t expect Richard to come back with that lol

        • Logan_Walker

          Why Would the WWE Suspend there Boss who doesn't even work in the ring ? and isn't the wellness violation just for the talent Diva's, Superstars & Refs

  • Thomas

    I'll give credit to VKM, sure the man may be crazy with taking steroids and not sleeping apparently. But the man is a genius at what he does. Although im not the biggest fan of WWE anymore, the fact that Vince took something that his father did and make it into a huge corporation takes skill.

  • Tim

    No chewing gun in the cafitera

    • Kleck

      You practice gun control

  • Calling it now: Jericho comes out and makes everyone watch him do his taxes for the erntie show, and it will be the most riveting filing ever. Watch me write off this jacket as a business expense YEAH YEAH BABY! Then boom, X-Pac shows up as his tag partner.