Vince McMahon Spotted Driving A New Bentley

The Greenwich Times spotted Vince McMahon in a new Bentley last week. Below is an excerpt from a local article online at this link:

Scene ... WWE Chief Executive and Greenwich resident Vince McMahon was seen behind the wheel of a charcoal-colored Bentley with dealer plates on Railroad Avenue in Greenwich last week.

  • Bault16

    Big news day Richard?

  • Cyn

    In other news… Chuck Norris wants to end the Streak! And Batman has challenged The Expendables at the Box Office this summer!

  • cory

    Slow news day?

  • SeanAwesome

    There’s talk on twitter that Primo and Epico are the new tag team champs

  • Bertie

    Really?? Really?? That’s news?? Would’ve been better if Vinny mac had been seen driving a ten year old Citroen picasso! Nothing against them cars I have one that’s why I said it lol.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    LOL!!!! Picture this: Vince rollin down the "mean" streets of Greenwich, wearing Ray-Bans dark in his pimped-out Bent, sippin whatever beverage, bouncing to the remix of "No Chance". And instead of dice tied on his mirror, it's stuffed grapefruit custom-made to resemble his character. Ha Ha. If there's any pics of this, it would be funny as hell inserting your own thoughts on it. How bout that? Seriously youd think he'd have 4 of those already.

  • christianrocker90

    Who cares?

  • Silver

    So, you talk crap on other news sites because they post articles about who is growing a beard, but a millionaire buying a new car is newsworthy?

  • Tomas

    Atleast have the decency to write which model Bentley it was!

  • Rosey

    McMahon just showing off how much ge ripps us off on those boring pay preview he has. He such a punk

  • ted

    mcmahon does not rip anyone off. he runs an ENTERTAINMENT company worth close to 1 billion dollars .

    if iwc fans don't like his product, then don't wathc it or support it. go watch tna. because they need all the "ratings" they can get just to get above a 1.2 on any regular basis.