Vince McMahon & Triple H Return To Connecticut, Brad Maddox vs. Ryback, Survivor Series Blown Up

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- Both Vince McMahon and Triple H returned to the United States after Monday's WWE Raw taping in Birmingham, England to be with Linda McMahon in Connecticut on Election Day. I would assume Kevin Dunn will be in charge at Tuesday's Smackdown tapings although we're unable to confirm Stephanie McMahon's whereabouts as of this writing.

- For those that missed Raw this week, "suspended" referee Brad Maddox will face Ryback on next week's show. As the storyline goes, if Maddox wins, Vince McMahon will "reward" him with a $1 million contract.

- The deliberate on-air "blowing up" of the Survivor Series card on this week's WWE Raw is about as clear of a picture of the current state of WWE creative as anything I have ever seen. Things are always subject to change but rarely do they do so on television after they've been announced.

  • Ken

    Personally I'd rather have seen Punk and Ryback in the five on five rather than a triple threat. It's Survivor Series, the big names are supposed to be in the elimination matches. Now a five on five with meaning has become a throwaway match with no real relevance to anything, just to throw Cena into the main event.
    don't get me wrong. On any other PPV event I'd be fine with the three-way, just not at SS.

  • Easton69

    If Vince and Triple H are returning to the United States after Monday’s WWE Raw taping to support Linda McMahon, I am sure her daughter Stephanie would also be with her!

  • Andrew

    The ref will win the match against ryback

  • Thomas

    Just noticed Shane o Mac in the background….didn't he leave the company a few years ago?

  • Boobi Pie

    This is an old picture, HHH has short hair now and Shane isnt supposed to even be here