Vince McMahon-Triple H Update

The storyline with Vince McMahon and Triple H is expected to continue on this month as both are advertised to appear live on the June 17 and June 24 episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw. While I don’t know this for sure, the backstage talk several weeks ago was that Vince was looking for a “big” storyline this summer to help bolster the ratings and this certainly appears to be it.

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  • Stephen

    My guess is it will come down to a feud between the two for complete control of WWE.

    • Robert Olley

      Agree and vince will have a rep which i bet will be curtis axel

  • Joey

    What ever the story is or where ever its going i’m loving it and it has me tuning in every monday and i stay and watch for the full 3 hours

    • David F

      I hope the ratings continue to be crap so that WWE has to change it back to 2 hrs.

  • Danny Murphy

    Not exactly on the same level, as Nexus taking ovrer RAW or the Punk pipebomb and holding the WWE hostage, of Summer storylines is it?

    • Xavier

      Lets let it play out first before we decide it won’t be as good as the Nexus or Pipebomb angle

  • Kenneth

    Anything that gets Steph back on TV, even if only for a short time, is a good storyline in my book.

  • Cubed56

    While this storyline could be interesting, haven’t we seen a version of it already? O yea, we have. Just HHH’s way of keeping himself in the spotlight.

    • Avalanchian

      Him and McMahon are huge draws that bring excitement and people watching. So many dislike Cena on this site, but he draws a huge crowd and following. If you can put people in the stands they don’t care who you are to a degree.

      • Cubed56

        Like I said it could be interesting, it’s just that we’ve seen a storyline similar to this already with the McMahon/Helmsley regime. I agree they are draws and will keep people interested, I wasn’t knocking HHH just saying this is his way to stay in the spotlight, I just hope it’s not a re-hash of a storyline thats already been done.