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As of late Wednesday/early Thursday we're told no one from WWE had contacted CM Punk. My source noted Vince McMahon was staying the course and giving Punk his space. The belief was they would wait a couple of months before giving it a last ditch effort to get him to re-sign before his contract comes up in July.

One thing I covered last week is the booking of Punk's fiancée WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. While it would be typical Vince to punish her for Punk's actions by burying her, it's actually been the opposite. We're told Vince wants AJ booked as strong as possible because whatever influence she has over Punk, they want to make sure she is happy and has positive things to say about the company. In fact, multiple sources have stated the plan headed into the weekend was for AJ to retain the Divas Championship at Wrestlemania XXX.

The thinking is if Punk gets bored and gets the itch to come back, they want AJ Lee to encourage it and there's no way she'd do that if she was buried over backstage politics.

As for Wrestlemania itself, WWE...

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