Vince Russo Finished w/TNA; Loves Taz w/All His "Heart And Soul"

Vince Russo seems to spark controversy no matter what he's doing.

The former WWF, WCW and TNA Wrestling creative writer was officially removed from the head of TNA's creative team in February 2012, however, a working relationship ensued all the way into this month. While TNA denied that was the case when we contacted them in January 2014, Russo himself confirmed he had been working for TNA as a consultant. Russo now says he's finished with TNA.

The following is from his Twitter account:

At least one person currently employed by TNA won't miss Mr. Russo. Taz Tweeted the following from his verified Twitter account:

Russo told a fan that he loves Taz with all his "heart and soul." Below is another conversation, in which Taz responds:

As we reported here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, when Spike TV found out that TNA Wrestling had been lying to them about Russo's involvement, their negotiations for a new television agreement took a big hit.

  • Splat

    You can’t tweet something out to the world and then say “stay outta peoples business”. This is like some teenage drama on Facebook.

  • Santa

    Does Taz play a heel on TNA? He could just be in character.

    • anticky64

      TNA don’t really have heel/babyface commentators anymore, however, they would not let Mike Tenay ever be heel (or at least I hope not) so in comparison and only in comparison, yeah, Tazz is the heel.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Does anyone actually believe that he’s finished, though? He’s been denying working with them for months – he could have just signed another confidentiality agreement to say he is ‘really’ not working for them now.

    • Snap

      What it seems like, to me, is TNA is trying to show Spike TV that Russo is gone so they won’t cancel Impact. However, and there’s always a however in life, they’ve already lied to Spike about Russo’s status with the company and the damage has been done. If I was Spike TV, would I really be able or willing to take TNA at their word over this?

      With all due respect to Taz, if he’s going to take to social media to make comments about someone (in this case: Russo) he really doesn’t have much ground to say the effect of “mind your own business” when asked about it. If it was really something which was considered “private business” he shouldn’t have made such a comment on a public social media site.

      Maybe using the Russo news as a way to get exposure and stay somewhat relevant?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Totally agree on every level. I actually think the Taz stuff was designed to go along with that, showing that TNA people don’t want Russo around or something as well, when he probably knows that Russo is still there (I don’t believe anything that Russo has to offer on anything – he is a compulsive liar). Especially since he followed that tweet to Russo with a retweet from Gail Kim that basically said the fans don’t know anything about what is going on.

        • Venom

          While I found Taz entertaining during his early commentator run in WWE. I always found his tough guy persona annoying. Remember the first season of Tough Enough and kept acting like a bully? He’s probably a nice guy in real life but likes to act like a douch bag in public. Even sometimes makes criptic tweets about being pissed off about something when it’s something non wrestling related like his favorite team lost and attacks the IWC for thinking its wrestling related.

  • Silverback

    I don’t understand it why take the risk with Russo? Especially when he’s not even going to improve or make the show good, TNA need new blood the creative guys are too stale and they keep cropping and changing the product needs creativity but mostly above all it needs stability.