Vince Russo Gone From TNA Impact Wrestling

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Vince Russo is gone from TNA Impact Wrestling, Dixie Carter has now confirmed. The following is from Dixie's Twitter account:

News regarding a possible TNA creative team change became the talking point going into Sunday's Against All Odds pay-per-view when it was learned that Russo was not at the pay-per-view and former WWE creative team writer Dave Lagana was. While the structure isn't 100% clear at this point, Lagana didn't replace Russo and didn't write the script for this week's TVs. Lagana has been helping out backstage with pre-tapes and is not believed to currently have a role in the creative process.

The most surprising part of this news is not that Russo is off TNA creative but that he has completely left the company. One of my sources believed Russo was looking to re-position himself in the company as Dixie Carter had always been very supportive of him. As previously noted, with Russo gone, it's a significant leg up for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff as they looked at Russo and Jeff Jarrett as their opposition.

As things currently stand, Bruce Prichard is still in charge of the creative direction in TNA with Matt Conway contributing. Eric Bischoff gets the final nod before material is taped for television.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    one down 2 more to go ( Hogan and Bischoff )

  • Guy Landau

    The only thing I can think of is Daniel Bryan's new reaction thingy:
    "YES! YES! YES! YES!"

  • Ellen

    1 down…2 to go! Thank you Dixie, you've made a smart business decision.

  • Stinky Warm Farts

    now get rid of hogan, or don't resign him when his contract is up. unless he signs for a bargain, he is wasted money. ratings have NOT improved since they have gotten him, its still pretty much the same as before.

  • MJH

    4 words can describe this event…..

    THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!

    • Laura

      I completely agree!!! I had to read that headline twice before I realized it was really true! Thank you Dixie!!

  • Basknata1

    WHOOOP!!! It’s about time!

  • Lenny

    Okay that’s step 1 into the right direction! Now step 2 is GET RID OF TEAM HOGAN (Hogan, Eric and Garret Bishoff and Ric Flair) 5 months ago I would say get rid of Steiner and Bully Ray but Steiner is actually helping out in India while Bully completely turned his career around and I actually see myself wanting him to win the big one!

  • Jim P

    Wow, I'm actually excited to see where the show goes now. I had given-up on Impact.

  • H.M.

    One of the biggest cancers in the industry has finally left TNA. There's still Bischoff and Hogan though. Really, they just need to disappear forever and I might actually start getting into TNA.

  • MsMojoRisin

    Thank god that loser is gone now if dixie can get hogan and bischoff to leave tna can get back to normal

  • AlanP

    Meh. This news is insignificant since Pritchard took over for Russo as head of creative a long time ago. And with Hogan/Bischoff still calling shots, nothing much will change.

  • monty

    well he was part of the cancer in TNA but guess what major part of it is still inside TNA and will kill it 2-3 years. This is not wcw vs wwf this is ecw trying to compete with a billion dollar company. WWE have sucked a lot since good old days but when ever i watched tna after 4-5 months it reminds me maybe its good that all that is in the past because now the business has changed whether for good or bad its up each person to decide

  • The Dave

    shane mcmahon best replacement.

  • BigMike

    Amicable and professional? thiose are 2 things Russo has NEVER been

  • Professor Rick Craig

    Ding Dong !!! The Witch Is Dead…The Witch Is Dead…THE WITCH IS DEAD !!! Ding Dong !!! THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD !!!

    • D.Nyte

      Totally lol’d..however, the financial impact(no pun intended) is nowhere near as helpful getting rid of good ol’ Vic Venom as it would be by severing ties with Hogan and Bischoff. I’ve said it before and I still stand by it, you cannot have a pro wrestler writing the creative and T.V., their egos always get in the way of producing an engaging product. Bisch’ and HH should simply be consultants. Prichard and Lagana have the chops to be able to up TNA’s from the years working under VKM. And, they can get the job done at a fraction of the cost that HH and B-man cost.

  • stoney

    Yay !!!!! Now we need to get rid of Hulk and Bischoff

  • matt

    Jim Cornette must be having a good week

  • havoc525

    Russo out, Hogan and Bischoff now hold the power. If those 2 go, she needs to put a full court press on Heyman to take control. Otherwise, this is like removing a finger from a leper’s rotting hand. You shed a portion, but the majority of the nastiness is still there.

  • thatguy

    with Russo out of a job we all know jim cornette is the happiest man on earth haha

  • Frenchfry

    you people are strange

  • Jim

    I didn’t think Dixie had it in her! Way to finally make a “business” decision Dixie. Instead of trying to make everyone happy she’s finally taking a stand. Now I’m excited to see where this goes. In case everyone has forgotten, Hogan and Bischoff were in charge of WCW at its most watched point. Things went down hill when Russo came on board and Turner sold out to AOL Time Warner. So I’m all for this move because I’m not one of these people who blame Hogan and Bischoff for how WCW failed. Because they were doomed from the start once it was sold, and if Eric had a time slot for Nitro on any network his group would’ve wound up buying WCW and it would still be in operation today IMO. I hope this works out because I am getting burnt out on WWE in a BIG way.

    • alex

      Jim THANK YOU! Finally a fact filled, smart comment! This is what happened. Eric Bischoff and Hogan did NOT destroy WCW. No one even knows what they are talking about. AOL Time Warner merger and corporate garbage destroyed WCW

  • Alex Barie

    I am anxious to see how this affects the production and writing of the show. If there is no change and if people keep complaining, then it wouldn't be his fault at all. (I never had a problem with him during his time in TNA.)

  • Ant

    I wonder how much of his damage will be able to be undone or if its too little to late.

  • Karl

    Finally. Russo is just a Vince McMahon wannabe, hence the name “Vince”. Lol.

  • dave


  • Bogusstang

    Good riddance!!!!

  • Cyrus

    Where is Paul?????

  • Thumpa

    No more on a pole matches?

  • James

    (insert Freddie Mercury pose) There is still some hope!!!

  • Alex

    Wow, I can't believe Dixie made an actual business decision to help her company as oppose to just trying to make friends. I'm shock, but a little proud. It's a small step (Hogan is still there) but at least it's a step. I might have to give TNA a chance again.