Vote On The Miz's Newest T-Shirt Design; Daniel Bryan Theme & Chants At Oakland Athletics Game

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-WWE is conducting a poll for The Miz's newest t-shirt design on Facebook. There are four choices available, all with "Haters ♥ Me" on the front. Click here to view the designs and vote.

-Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics recently stepped up to bat while Daniel Bryan's theme music played. Video of fans reacting to the theme with "Yes" chants has surfaced, and is embedded below:

  • Mitchell

    Ah yeah nice touch XD

  • Matt

    Any non wrestling fan there is like "what the heck is happening" haha. That's so cool to see how far WWE stretches!

  • CAL

    that's awesome and non wrestling fans are like what the heck is going on!!

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    hahah Epic moment for WWE history and Baseball

  • The Dude

    Lol @ the people thinking, “What the hell does “yes” mean?” Anyway, it’s great to see a talented performer like Daniel Bryan going mainstream!

  • themcdangler

    That is awesome. No one knows what’s going on hahahaha