Wade Barrett Injury Update - Out Six To Eight Weeks

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WWE has posted a new injury update on Wade Barrett over on dot com. The official website states Barrett will undergo an MRI this week and is expected to be out six to eight weeks.

Barrett suffered a dislocated elbow on last night's WWE Raw Supershow when he landed awkwardly after Big Show threw Dolph Ziggler onto him and R-Truth in the main event 10-man battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

  • JakShowtime

    Hmm… 6 weeks from last night would be the day after Wrestlemania… So it wouldn't be a stretch to see him show up at Wrestlemania. I sense a good way to continue a Barrett/Orton feud…

  • Angel Psymon

    That is absolutely horrendous timing. I was kind of looking forward to his "Barrage" to carry him into WrestleMania.

  • Jaryd

    6-8 weeks is pretty standard for an elbow dislocation. 6 weeks is also tantalisingly close to being ready for WM but I hope he doesn't try and rush back and risk further damage.

  • gpturbo81

    you could tell he knew right away. looked pretty pissed to me

  • mark3man

    The way he looked last night makes this great news.

  • BTB

    They should put him on commentary, much like they did with Punk and his hip injury.

    • tna

      Thats actually a good idea it would keep him relevant and he already did commentating in fcw

      • Daniel

        I totally agree on this line. It would be good flavor to get Barrett on Commentary. He has wonderful mic skills. I totally didn’t think of this until you said it.

  • khalkaroth

    Dislocated elbow? Oh well, looked more like a broken arm to me. Didn't liked the way that lower arm was bended = /

  • Hashtag Daley

    Is there any known heat on Cody Rhodes for eliminating Santino onto Barrett’s clearly injured/being attended to arm? That was just horribly careless and unaware of the situation.

    • im gunna call you out and cena goes you gunna call me out? they both had a huge grin on there face omg i was laffin .btw i hate cm punk he’s rlealy nothing special good wrestler needs a better gimmick

  • Blazeking

    The way Dolph landed, you'd have sworn *he* was injured. Tough break for Barrett but he'll bounce back from it.

  • havoc525

    Pretty much in line with Eddie. If they do a triple threat with Orton at Mania, I see Wade injecting himself to give one last push to their feud.

  • Jim

    YOUCH!!! I’ve dislocated my elbow in a MX crash. VERY PAINFUL!!! 6-8 weeks sounds about right. Ziggler had me fooled at first. Because I thought it was him who was injured until I saw how he was laying. There was no way he was injured and laying there with his chin on the announce table like that. While his body was on the ground. Had to have taken some trying to end up like that. Definitely not a natural way that someone could’ve landed. Especially if he was injured. Though it did look pretty cool…

  • Big daddy deserve to be’ in the main event of wrestlemania

  • As a proud English men I’m gutted

  • Chris

    I also noticed that the elbow was already taped before the match started, so perhaps he was already carrying an injury??

  • I loved the JBL title reign and still do. As a long time wrestling fan i felt JBL had the cbrideility that a world champion needed to carry a brand and he reminded me of the credible champions of the past like Bruiser Brody or a Harley Race. I also think he added so much contreversy and heat to his matches thanks to his scorching promos(you still cant tell what was worked and what was real)I also loved the classic lines he would use such as: I smell like smoke son because i’ve been through fire I still go back and watch the dvd’s of the JBL title reign and the one thing that still stands out is that JBL stands out as a larger than life champion in a time when the WWE was trying to find new top guys. All of his title matches have that big fight feel and like they used to say: If the fans believe you as world champion thats all that matters And it was fun to see someone with a real charactor again and i think his fued with the undertaker was one of the best. I still remember the wwe magazine cover with the Undertaker standing behind JBL and it made me think of the classic 90 s/80 s era style posters. And the bottom line is: that from bell to bell JBL never looked out of place in the main event and like JBL said in the interview above it is a shame that his body gave out because i know a second or third reign would have worked well, especially with all the new talent that later came along I liked his chemistry with CM Punk etc. And as far as his place in history I think he does rank up there with alot of the greats for the simple fact alone that it was over a 9 month reign like an old school ric flair title run where come hell or high water he keeps hanging on to the belt, and that ends up making for a more exciting main event because your not actually sure what the outcome will be thus creating that big fight feel So in closing i think time will be kind to JBL’s WWE Championship run and he should be rememberd as one of the srongest champions ever and alot of fans already remember 2005/2006 as the JBL Era because it’s obdvious that as champion he carried most main events in those years and even after his title run he had so many more excellent main event fueds challenging for the belt instead. And although i doubt JBL will read this i feel like such a humble attitude from a man who broke his back for the buisness he loves deserves someone like me to take 15 mins to point out alot of the reasons why it was one of my favourite WWE title reigns of all time and will be remembered as one of the greatest.Thank You JBL.