Wade Barrett Returns To Action

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Just in case you missed this week's episode of Smackdown, Wade Barrett returned to WWE television after being out for 7 months. He defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

Check out the full results of Smackdown here.

  • Gurinder

    I hope he will get his deserved push
    Wade barrett vs brock lesner wm29

  • Wwefan4ever

    I hate Wade. I was so wishing that injury would be career ending 🙁 let the boredom return

    • kevin

      Wow I find ziggler boring but I would never wish a career ending injury on the guy. Thats cold

    • McCoy

      That was an ignorant statement this is that man lively hood he supports his family with this career.

    • You can hate a character but not the man you wish unimaginable pain on him is cold
      Hate is charcter not him

    • tweakthedead712

      I’m pretty sure your too young to understand the jaded side of wrestling, or you under appreciate great skills or a wrestlers wellbein, you must be one of the Cena fans from the PG era, no respect , just believe what you see on tv.

    • tweakthedead712

      Wade Barrett’s mic skills + ring work is $$$

      • Wwefan4ever

        Yeah I didn’t really mean it like that but I hate his character not real life him.

  • Joe

    Damn I hate wade 2 but I don’t even wish for him to have a career ending injury

  • Kyle

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on Wade Barrett. I think he has excellent mic skills and talent in the ring. I believe he is the future of this company along with many of the other young and upcoming talent. I just wish they would change his entrance music to it’s original theme when he debuted by himself.

    • Darren

      You mean the song titled “end of days?” That’s a good one. On that note, there aren’t many entrance themes that are awful like there were back in the day. Anyone else agree?

  • Chris

    Why the haters ??? Barrett is one awesome competitor
    Plus he’s from Preston !!!!

  • Jman72485

    Wade’s bad ass. He’s got that old school feel to him, sort of like Sheamus. He’s big and has that in your face brawling style.

  • lloyd Clarke

    wade is wrestlings future

  • Carter

    I hate Wade but I know he is good in the ring and on the mic, so I don’t want him to have a career ending injury.

  • Rob

    Finally saw the match on YouTube well impressed with stu new techniques and lovely discus elbow

  • Bill Ostrander, Jr.

    So he thinks he's good with his fists, huh? I'd like to see him battle Ronnie (Hands of stone) Garvin or perhaps Ox Baker. Let's see how good he is, then.

    • Rob

      Search google for Stuart Bennett bare knuckle fights you’ll see just how good he is

  • Thisguy

    I love how people say, “You must be a Cena PG fan.” Like it’s Cena’s fault WWE is PG now. Cena haters are seriously the most disrespectful & ignorant fans in the world. GTFO.

    • XKonn247

      Who the hell insulted Cena? Get off your high horse. You can read comments easier at ground level.

      • David

        Agreed and plus if any one has no respect it’s you I respect cena but his character bores the hell out of me bring back ’04 cena and we good

  • JasonGaza

    i hope he does a program with cm punk

  • Vince McLamp

    Wade Barret has been out for 7 months, they do promo videos, and his big return is a match with Yoshi tatsu ? Really ?

    • XKonn247

      They could have just been checking he wasnt too rusty on TV.

  • Randy

    Wade Barrett = the future of the wwe

  • Dave D

    Saw him at the Hamilton house show, looked great selling to Ted Dibiase and they destroyed him!! No rust and great performer! Huge in person as well!! Credible heel on the mic and in the ring!! Long live the Barrett Barrage