Wade Barrett Says He'll Be Back In Action In Four Months

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Wade Barrett was recently interviewed by Between The Ropes, and discussed his elbow injury he sustained on Raw, his memories with 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Edge, and more. The interview is embedded below:

  • sandi

    i love how wade says he doesn't like john cena but he's giong to be watching the match

    • mike

      wade doesn't like cena it's for real

  • Dan

    I didn’t like wade when he first started but he has really come a long way and is one of the top heels in the business

  • Hunter

    Bad news, he was on fire when he got hurt. I wanted to see him defeat Orton at WM

  • Noah

    Crap I want wade back. Smackdown needs a good heel

  • The Breaker

    He deserved to be a part of Wrestlemania this year. Sucks what happened to him.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Wade who? He hasn't been on tv with his mouth full of marbles? Color me surprised.

  • Rich

    Did anyone notice ADR and Rey Mysterio walk past at the 5:09 mark?

    • MPA

      That was Mil Mascaras, not Rey Mysterio… didn't realize he was that short

  • Hunter

    Mouth full of marbles? WTF are you talking about? He hasn’t been on tv because he was injured last month