Wade Barrett Still In Philly; Tensai On Whether Or Not He's Bothered By "Albert" Chants

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- Wade Barrett, who has a role in the new Colin Farrell film co-financed by WWE Studios, was spotted in Philadelphia this weekend. Barrett is in the city where filming for the project is taking place. For a new update, click here.

- Tensai was asked on Twitter if the "Albert" chants bothered him. Below is his response:

  • H.M.

    For the record I, for one am looking forward to seeing the direction they take with Tensai after last week. Looks like he's ditching all 'Japense' aspects of his character.

    • hurrigame

      If he really wants to ditch all the Japanese aspects of the character, he should ditch the Tensai moniker. Or at least make up some story about the name being given to him in Japan or something.

  • British bulldog

    I think tensai is slowly improving every week, am looking forward to seeing which direction they take him

  • rob

    i have a novel idea…just come back under the name Albert

    • Adam

      Here's another one, just call the finishing move the Derailleur.

  • Kevin

    WWE has done a name change on air before (Nitro/John Morrison), so for Albert to ditch the Tensai moniker and become Albert again wouldn't surprise me at all. The Tensai gimmick isn't working like creative thought it would, so they might as well ditch it. Take him back to being Albert. He comes out one night on Raw or Smackdown, gets in the ring with a mic, and explains that in Japan he wrestled under many names, Tensai being one of them. He's sick and tired of creative not listening to him, so against their wishes, he's ditching Tensai and going back to being Albert. Or he could even use his real name. Whatever works.

  • He is a bit strange with his makeup running after a match!liked when he lost to Cena!