Wade Barrett & Ted DiBiase Expecting New Entrance Music

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Both Wade Barrett & Ted DiBiase have hinted at getting new theme music on their Twitter accounts. Barrett, who is using the "End of Days" theme that was used by Corre, posted the following:

New entrance music: Imminent.

DiBiase responded to a fan on Twitter that suggested getting a new theme from a band called Son Soul with the following:

They just did! Not finished yet tho.

  • sdd619

    I like Wade Barretts current theme, But Ted Dibase's entrance sucks right now

  • Alex P

    Ah! Horrible move for Barrett…End of Days is a great theme, but great move for DiBiase!

  • The Breaker

    I still like Barrett's current theme. Oh well.

  • MPXTheChoice

    Yay for DiBiase…BOO FOR BARRETT. I LOVE "End of Days." Damn. At least it's still on my computer.

  • H.M.

    Best bit of wrestling news I've read today. Dibiase DIRELY needs a new theme. His current one is pure garbage.

  • Nesto

    As long as they don’t mess it up like Zigglers

  • @RatedMKD

    New music for Ted is long overdue. It's been pointed out by many that a song with the lyrics "I come from money, I come from cash" blatantly contradicts his character at present.

    I agree with Choice on Barrett's theme though. The original dozen different versions or so that the Corre ran through did nothing for me, but they've settled on a cracker of a song for him.

  • Joe

    Dibiase needs to come out with the original Million Dollar Man theme ! Now that is entrance music!

  • Tim