Wade Barrett - "The Corre Is My Greatest Regret"

A recent article on the official WWE website speculated on whether Wade Barrett would reform The Nexus or Corre. An excerpt from the article is below:

Barrett has always been a natural leader, and many of his greatest successes corresponded with his role at the head of a likeminded group. If not Nexus, perhaps he could reunite The Corre or assemble a new group from other discontent Superstars on WWE’s roster?

Barrett took to Twitter to reject the idea of reforming the core. His tweets are below:

  • dmo

    Who was in the core again? I forgot..

    • chelu671

      Just in case no one had replied yet…

      The initial Corre members included Wade Barrett (as the supposed not leader), Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and later Ezekiel Jackson. The group came together shortly after CM Punk joined & had Barrett kicked out of Nexus on RAW. Punk had the new Nexus take initial tests to prove their loyalty, which Gabriel & Slater didn't like. They joined Barrett as they beat down the Big Show on Smackdown after a match. Jackson soon joined bodyslamming Show for weeks. Fast foward later, Gabriel & Slater got tired of Barrett for "running" the group, when they were supposedly equals. There was no "leader" of the group. With the group, Barrett won the IC Championship. Eventually they had a falling out. Jackson was soon getting tired of Barrett's arrogance & disobeyed his orders. Jackson eventually challenged & won the IC Championship from Barrett. Gabriel & Slater soon went their ways competing in the tag division until they dissolved.

      That's all I remember at this point.

      • dmo

        Now I remember, thanks!

  • gitrdone1691

    An Idea:

    Wade Barrett – (England) (leader)
    Jindar Mahal – (India)
    Drew Mcintyre – (Scotland)
    Antonio Cesaro – (Switzerland)
    Sin Cara – (Mexico)
    Yoshi Tatsu – (Japan)
    Jack Swagger – (United States, but a defector)
    Natalya – (Canada) because even the nWo and DX had a female

    faction name: The Foreign Legion

    • Nostaljack

      Take Swagger out of it (he isn't foreign in the least big – his inclusion is ridiculous). Also, take Cesaro out of it as he's being pushed currently. I like the rest of it though and I *really* like the name.

      • Bishop

        Like he said, a “defector”. Much like how Sgt Slaughter was a Iraqi simpathizer which was the storyline in turning his back on Old Glory

        • gitrdone1691

          Thank You!

      • TheDiz

        Add gabirel and Kidd as the tag team of the group and turn swagger to be the all amrican amrican against them (think old school kurt angle and the milk truck) and then you may have something

      • Ace Vivid

        He said swagger is a defector.

      • Patrick Peralta

        I would think if you grew up in another country like England, India, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan the people who live there would think the United States is Foreign.

    • H.M.

      I'd replace Sin Cara with Hunico and Tatsu with Sakamoto ;P

  • drew1997

    Slater, Mahal and McIntyre could be starting an alliance of guys tired of not getting a chance,

    • Synyster

      That’s most likely the reasoning.

    • Bishop

      J.O.B Squad 2.0?

  • Holmezzi

    I’m from the UK, we invented the foreigner, don’t forget it!! (Sure wade would agree as we’ll)

  • England87

    The united kingdom off wwe12 would be a good faction, doubt it could happen now regals prety much retired

  • ron

    the corre is back

    Wade Barrett – (England) (leader)
    Jindar Mahal – (India)
    Drew Mcintyre – (Scotland)
    Mark Henry- (american)