Wade Barrett To Miss Wrestlemania XXVIII After Injury Suffered On Last Night's Raw Supershow

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Wade Barrett was injured during the 10-man battle royal on last night's WWE Raw Supershow. The injury was to his left arm and occurred when Big Show threw Dolph Ziggler out onto Barrett and R-Truth. Barrett landed awkwardly and injured his arm.

He was in a considerable amount of pain after the spot, shouting expletives and thrashing on the ground.

Road Dogg, who works as a producer backstage in WWE, Tweeted Barrett will miss Wrestlemania XXVIII because of the injury. Below is his Tweet:


  • Patrick_Peralta

    hope he gets better soon

  • Feel gutted for Barrett as he has worked hard and I'm sure would have loved to work Mania. I know it's part of the job but freak accidents like this are always a shame. Get better soon Wade and hope to see you topping the card at Mania next year.

  • Jas

    Total shame. Wade Barrett has had one of the better years in WWE and very few people deserved a Wrestlemania spot more than he did. I hope they make room for him to at least appear on the show, because he's earned that, at the very least.

  • craig

    I have not been a huge Wade fan after the Cena feud but the last 3 months he has really stepped up his game. Love his hard hitting style and the last half of the smackdown ec was great.

  • Jordan

    Such a shame. I suppose this gives him a storyline when he comes back as either a courageous babyface or a heel looking for revenge. Or they could just ignore it.

  • ken

    That sucks. Never been the biggest Wade Barrett fan but I hate to see him get hurt and lose a spot at Mania. Get well soon, Wade.

  • Kevin

    Damn! Not good to have one of your strongest up-and-comers injured right before the biggest PPV of the year. I think they should consider pushing Wade Barrett to the top. Hell, I honestly expected him to make it before Daniel Bryan.