Wade Barrett Undergoes Surgery, Injury Worse Than Expected

Wade Barrett underwent surgery for his dislocated elbow and the injury was much worse than originally expected. Barrett's timetable to return is now 3-4 months as it was only expected to be 6-8 weeks.

Barrett wrote the following on Twitter today:


  • Tjones

    That truly sux. It was nice to see him getting a second chance.

  • Super Stinky Feet

    bigger push when he comes back for SUMMER SLAM

  • 10secondGTR

    He’ll get pushed to the moon when he comes back

  • Ralphus

    It was just a freak accident. I can't blame Show for what happened.

  • Hunter

    Damn, tough break for Barrett. Hope his recovery goes well and he picks up where he left off

  • Aldo T

    I blame Ziggler.

    • Matt Scott

      Wanna explain why?

      • Kleck

        I think he was razzing Barrett

  • 10secondGTR

    I wish wwe would blurr the line between heel and face with Barrett..he’d be main event in one week

    • havoc525

      …or, just over 4 months.

    • Anjani Rathee

      WWE should let barrett decide if he wants to be a babyface or heel. I think he’ll do both really well. I would like to see Barett happy in his job. I think he’ll do both really well. 

      • Matt Scott

        Since when is he unhappy in his job?

  • PainOfDemise

    There is just something about Barrett that I don't like. I won't be missing him and be glad someone else gets the chance for the spot light.

  • Brian Hall

    I thought 6-8 weeks was way to optimistic for how bad that looked

  • bob k

    what a shame. wade is such a good performer. he'll be missed. get well soon.

  • He is an arrogant wrestler I will not miss him,