Wade Barrett's New Look, Del Rio Not Working, Vince McMahon Livid Over AW Comment, Supershow Dropped

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- Wade Barrett, who has been off WWE television since February due to a dislocated elbow, now has a beard.

- For those that missed the storyline WWE is doing with Alberto Del Rio, he says he's not wrestling until SummerSlam because he's only working title matches.

- Vince McMahon was livid backstage at this week's Raw after Abraham Washington's off-color comment regarding sexual assault allegations brought against Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. This and the fact the show nearly missed its live start time due to a fire, it's safe to say the second week of three-hours was extremely hectic.

- WWE Raw is no longer called Raw Supershow, beginning with the 1000th episode last week.

  • Fetcher

    Kobe Bryant's wife is reportedly furious over new photos of her husband partying shirtless with two girls in London. But what on earth could possibly make her believe Kobe Bryant doesn't have the utmost respect for the sanctity of marriage? Ah yes, thank you for reminding us A.W.

    • Wainwright

      Yea, they’re divorced, so she can Say a she wants. He can do whatever he wants now. He’s a single man.

      • wrldindsk89

        They aren’t divorced yet…

      • Dig Baddy

        They AREN'T divorced. Their reconciling. Article on msn about it today.

  • Randy

    I thought A.W. made a comment about the Colorodo shooting. Thought I heard Colorodo mixed in with Kobe Bryant

    • DanBo7o7

      Colorado is where Kobe was alleged of rape.

    • _JIM_

      You did hear Colorado mixed in with Kobe Bryant. That’s where he was being accused of raping a hotel employee a few years ago.

  • Ken

    Maybe AW was just trying to inject a little attitude into the show. Personally I had to Google the reference, not really knowing much about Mr Bryant or what he did or didn't do. I can see why it would have been funny, and it's exactly the sort of thing that would have gone down a treat in the Attitude Era. The WWE needs more controversy these days, instead of all this namby pamby touchy feely anti-bullying social media politically correct shizznit. I heard that controversy creates cash. Vince is such a *feline-derived slang for a woman's personal feminine area* these days. I guess the grapefruits shrivelled to the size of raisins and then dropped off when he was in the shower.

    • Ken

      Just seen a headline saying VKM is down five hundred mill. I've yet to read the article, but if it's true it proves my point. He needs controversy.

    • John

      Dude, really? I am sick of hearing about the Attitude Era. It’s gone and not coming back. Vince won the war and can pretty much do what he wants. Just be glad that we had it and look back at the fond memories.

      • Ken

        I can always hope. And apparently others can, since my initial comment has 7 thumbs up.

        To clarify… the Attitude Era made Vinnie Mac a billionaire, as he took pride in pointing out. The current PG era lost him half a billion. The math is quite simple.

  • Evon Reese

    Vince was probably livid over the remark because even though it had nothing to do with the Colorado shooting people are still asking if that was what he said even though it had nothing to do with it. The truth has been out that it was all about Bryant but some people just need to hang onto controversy even if nones there. Personally I wish they would jerk that mike off him. Not because of his remark about Bryant but because he's really annoying.

    • John

      AW is this generations Jimmy Hart. I personally like it.

      • Patrick Peralta

        Jimmy Hart was and is better then AW.

  • Jim P

    There's another side to the AW issue. Whether he paid-off the accuser or not, the truth is that he was not convicted of rape and so impying that he is a rapist could open-up WWE to defamation suits, if Kobe decides to take that type of offense.

  • Yeah, Wainright…Kobe’s actually STILL married for the time being. http://abcnews.go.com/m/blogEntry?id=16550245

    But I hope AW continues doing what he’s doing. Despite this minor setback, I’m loving the loud-mouthed manager role and hopefully he along with the PTP gets pushed to bring some attention to tag teams. Everything he’s doing now is a lot better than…oh I don’t know…his annoying “The Abraham Washington Show” with Tony Atlas on ECW.

    • Ken


  • _JIM_

    That Kobe rape story was HUGE NEWS when it happened. It wasn’t just on Sportscenter or other sports media outlets. It was the lead story on CNN and every other news network for weeks. Not to mention all the publicity it got on the net and in newspapers. I’m shocked so many people had no idea what A.W. was referencing. I though people would’ve had to have been living under a rock in order to have not heard something about that story, but I guess I was wrong.

    • Ken

      I had no clue what Kobe did. I didn't even know who Kobe was until I saw that people were complaining.
      I wasn't living under a rock though, just a different country than the USA

    • WyFo

      I had no clue… Then again I would have only been 4 when that happened…

  • Lenny


  • Isaac

    So every time someone is injured when they come back they have a beard lol

  • Guest

    AW was referring to the monster party the Lakers had in a Colorado hotel the night that Kobe dropped 50 in the Pepsi Center. but that's what i believe

  • Whammaster

    To soon A.W? To soon?

    Nah f*** it, i had a good laugh when he said it =D. Even the “your momma!” when he threw his shoe. Good for A.W

  • Moe

    I'm quite interested in see Wade Barrett with a beard.

    • Blazeking

      Look for "Stu Bennett" when he was in FCW. It was more of a goatee back then.

  • Vince

    Not even one comment for waded new beard cant wait for his return

  • Dylan

    It’s funny the way that they said “now has a beard.” Also, why would they drop the SuperShow? For 3 hours, there would have to be more wrestlers. That doesn’t make sense

  • Ricky Valdez

    I don’t get why the wwe would be angry about the comments about King Kobe. Kobe Bryant never raped anyone. The women later dropped the charges. She was lying all the time. His comments are being blown way out of proportion, but thats what you get when you are given a microphone on live tv. May be the real reason Vince was livid back stage was because he was informed of the wwe loosing something like $500 million on the stock market, when Ron Simmons heard of the news it was reported he said dammmmm.