Wale Explains What Happened In The Audience At This Week's WWE Raw In D.C.

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Wale explained to MTV News what happened in the crowd at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Washington, D.C. Apparently a fan that was also in the building was antagonizing the rapper on Twitter. It didn't take long for Wale to find the culprit and confront them face-to-face.

"I was like, 'Yo, is this you?' And one thing lead to another, and I just kind of mushed him a little bit," the rapper explained, stressing that things didn't turn violent. "Honestly, if there wasn't kids right there, it would have went a little bit differently, but I just wanted to be conscious of them. It's not to say it was the right decision. But in the moment, you know."

You can read more comments at this link.

  • I hate the pseudo-tough schtick rappers have.

  • Eva Marie

    Wale? Don’t they live at Sea World?

  • Winnipeg

    If there’s wasn’t kids there? Hmmm, where at a wrestling show watching people fight. LOL

  • What an idiot! How about just enjoying the show and not worrying about silly Twitter nonsense? Congratulations, whatever-your-name-is! Way to show your behind to the world. Geniuses…

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    This guy is nuts. Was he watching a show or tracking twitter?

  • Matt

    There’s still an MTV news?!?!?

  • JasonT2300

    Now for say, if Wale was threatning Daniel Bryan through twitter, you all would want Daniel to go kick his ass, but its the other way around to a another grown man and you all critize him, think about, just because he is an african american rapper doesnt mean he cant defend or stand up for himself without being called a thug or idiot

  • kingdook24

    Oh, Twitter…

  • 1molly23

    Ultimate Loser!