Wardrobe Malfunction Eliminated One Diva From Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

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Cameron suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational at Wrestlemania 30. As a result, she rolled out of the ring and didn't return as her goal was to seek cover.

She Tweeted the following:

Below is a photo of the mishap:

  • Harlie Boucher

    Would have been hard to see with all the craziness in the ring. I didn’t even notice she was gone.

  • Mateo

    Cameron for champ? Haha no. God no.

  • Patrick

    didn’t notice she was gone.

  • vickie’s lover

    i didn’t even care about the match

  • There was a Diva’s match last night? No way…

  • Rick

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed but my wife saw it. I was hoping to see some titties at least after watching taker lose

    • dexter

      seeing titties is always fun. i wonder if Cameron (with or without naomi) will do playboy.

  • Michael

    And all I can picture is Jerry Lawler yelling PUPPIES! LOL

  • My dream job, before coming to work for Richard (I’m so happy I’ve found my spot both writing, and in wrestling), was to be making ring gear in the WWE. My health issues, and a push by an English professor in college changed my goals, and I love what I do. I once saw a boxer, who’s shorts were made by a classmate’s mother, fall apart as he boxed, and I swore I’d never be in a spot like that.

    I cannot believe Sandra let ring gear like that go to the ring, extremely unprofessional!