Warrior & Savage In The WWE Hall Of Fame, World Title, Superstars On Commentary, Dudley Boys To WWE?

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What are the odds the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage will be accepted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I actually heard there is interest in inducting Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania XXIX weekend next year. Whether or not a deal gets done remains to be seen but I found it was interesting his name was already being mentioned as a potential Hall of Fame candidate. As for Randy Savage, we all know of the issues between him and Vince McMahon that blocked him from the company for latter part of his life. Savage was unbanned in death as the company paid tribute to him although I do not know his status of a possible posthumous induction.

Given the fact the brand extension is essentially over what's the point in having the World Heavyweight Championship?

The brand extension is over in terms of television, however, it is still used for WWE's touring schedule. Having both a WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship gives WWE an opportunity to expand the main event scene and I feel two world titles are warranted. It's amazing how many people want to see another secondary title yet are upset about two world titles.

What is your opinion on active WWE superstars joining commentary? I enjoy it and feel it adds to programming.

A lot of readers were high up on The Miz on commentary on this week's WWE Raw. Two workers I enjoy hearing on commentary are CM Punk and Chris Jericho. So to answer your question the usage of active workers on commentary can be an asset if done correctly and with the right worker.

Do the Dudley Boys have to wait 90 days before they can sign with WWE or can they sign right away?

Devon is gone from TNA Wrestling and he has been teasing a return to WWE. Bully Ray has kept his contract status close to his vest with the only thing known being his TNA contract was coming up. With that being said, I can confirm neither have WWE deals as of this writing and can tell you WWE has not been hiring former TNA names because of the ongoing litigation. A 90-day non-compete agreement is not in effective with an expiring contract as the clause is used when an agreement is terminated early. I talked about non-competes in detail in Monday's Premium Mailbag at this link.

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  • Nick

    Dudley boys to re-vamp the Tag team division!

  • kyle h

    I feel mix was very classy on commentary and very neutral, even defending a few babyfaces. Richard do you feel this could be the seeds of a possible face turn in preparation of the marine 3 release?

  • Daniel

    I enjoyed Wade Barrett on commentary as well. Having the Miz added a little more flavor, and I thoroughly enjoyed a different voice.

  • Owen

    I'd rather listen to Mike Adamle on commentary than Mike Mizanin.

    • In other words, you prefer a commentator who botches. Interesting.

    • ken

      Right, and I would prefer Johnny Ace over Adamle. I can see it now; Johnny Ace and Mike Adamle doing commentary. Oh, the number of human ears that'll gushing blood. Every dog on the planet howling to the moon. The subtle sound of a million footsteps leaving the arena and waltzing into the path of an oncoming freight train. HA HA HA HA HA!

      • BigMike

        neither of them are any worse than Cole it just needs to be king and JR Cole sux he always has JBL was great I kind of liked Taz CM Punk was great Jericho is great Miz did ok and I am not a fan of his never have been and I have noticed that Miz is not a straight face anymore since he came back his persona has changed a little moving more to the middle than straight heel/face

        • AceV

          I don’t understand all the michael cole hate. He’s pretty great to me. I know JR is a legend, but his commentary (IMO) is outdated. King is so baby face that he often contradicts himself. Because anything a babyface does is right and justified as long as he/she does it to a heel. Michael is not a bad commentator at all. Everyone need to get off the Michael Cole haters bandwagon. It’s actually kinda pathetic.

          I bet if michael cole was unjustifiably fired today, those same haters would jump on the next bandwagon which praises him.

    • just a fan

      i think the miz actually did pretty well on commentary

    • Yanman

      Anyone know why Matt Stryker stopped doing commentary?

  • Rob

    Such a shame one man is blocking talented wrestlers like Alex Shelley,Matt Morgan and the dudleys from coming too wwe.

    • BigMike

      Morgan was there before and was completely mishandled from Tough Enough thru his stint in WWE he was misused he became a name in TNA and The Dudleys could go anywhere as a tag team they are like LOD in that capacity, but I had heard that they wanted to see what would happen as singles and they tried it in WWE with Rev Devon and hardcore champ Bubba but the only thing that came from that was batista lol

  • Owen

    Before Randy Orton’s suspension he rarely lost a match on a regular basis. Since he returned he has lost twice in 3 weeks. Do you think it’s to knock him down a peg or two?


    You mentioned how IWC and WWE felt about miz on commentary, how do you feel about it though Richard

  • James

    They need to have a different wrestler each week to do commentary with michael cole. Jerry the King is just boring to me. It would be more entertaining if they have a fill in every week.

  • Lenny

    I really don’t blame Devon and (possibly) Bubba Ray for leaving…First of all, why the hell should they have to take pay cuts when they are working hard every night and helping TNA while guys like The Hogans and The Bishoffs are hogging all the money and doing jackshit

  • Xtremewrath

    I know it sound very Blane and boring but do you see them putting someone like cena or del rio on commentary?

  • Lenny

    I really don’t blame Devon and (possibly) Bubba Ray for leaving…First of all, why the hell should they have to take pay cuts when they are working hard every night and helping TNA while guys like The Hogans and The Bishoffs are hogging all the money and doing jackshit for doing absolutely nothing!

  • I like having a worker do commentary with Cole because stupid Cole doesnt even acknowledge or know the names of the moves, for example Shamus put his opponent in a Texas Cloverleaf and Cole had no clue what it was called and the Miz stepped up and said the name of the move. That is why I always like when Striker would commentate because he would actually use the names of the moves, and Cole seems clueless to that stuff, even Lawler doesnt really do it anymore.

  • RobUK

    I was a massive ultimate warrior fan as a kid. I use to run around the settee pretending to be him – of course now I’m older I know much more about him and what he did, but with that being said I still think he deserves a place in the HOF. You can’t deny how big this guy was in the 80’s. Hogan v Warrior at wrestlemaina will always be one my favorites (not the best wrestling match of course) but just because of how big it was / when those two titles really meant something and it was the company’s top two faces squaring off. So I hope he does get the nod one day – that’s just the little kid inside of me.

    • Ken

      I loved the warrior when I was a kid. I always liked him better than Hogan. I'm a huge fantasy/sci fi geek, so Warrior appealed to me more on that level. Even when I was a kid I could actually follow his promos.

      Nowadays, despite everything that's happened, I happen to think Warrior is very deserving of a spot in the HOF. I doubt he'll get one after some of the things he's said about people over the years, but I think his career deserves one.

      Regarding Warrior as a person, post-wrestling career, I have a lot of respect for him, more than I have for a lot of other ex-wrestlers.
      He's stepped away from the ring, he's got his life and his philosophy and he sticks to it. He might be obnoxious at times, but he's a lot more stable than, say, Ric Flair, who's in the HOF twice and who couldn't stay retired if his life depended on it, and who's far more mentally unstable in my opinion.

    • Chris H

      Agreed. It's a wrestling hall of fame, and he did a lot for wrestling. As a person? Not so great. Sometimes a downright awful human being, but holy hell did he impress as a wrestler. Big big character, and, like you, was THE guy I used to pretend to be when wrestling with my brothers. Who were, I'll add for no reason at all, Bret Hart and the Undertaker.

  • Violet09

    Maybe it was due to injuries and they were unable to perform at the time, but I remember Mr. Perfect and Macho Man doing commentary quite a bit growing up. I think it adds a lot to the broadcast having a wrestling talent on commentary.

  • Jashaun

    The Dudley’s cant revamp what’s not there. I mean I will be honest the tag division might be almost as worst as the divas division.

  • Awesome1

    Well if The brand extension is over in terms of television. Why aren't their any RAW wrestlers featured on SMACKDOWN?

  • partyjereme

    Haven't numerous people in interviews said that Savage had turned down the opportunity the be inducted in the Hall Of Fame. I remember Lanny Poffo said in an interview about a year ago that Savage would only accept if he went in with his father & brother like the Von Erich family did a few years ago.

  • Monty

    Matt Striker back to commentary please. With more stints from Punk, Miz and Barrett. Not sure anyone else is an option.