Watch A Clip From CM Punk's Upcoming DVD Here; CM Punk Talks Batista & A Possible Transition Into Acting

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-A clip from the upcoming CM Punk: Best in the World DVD has surfaced online, and features Paul Heyman, The Miz, and clips of CM Punk in OVW. The clip is embedded below:

-CM Punk recently discussed Batista and his transition to acting on the red carpet. The video is embedded below:

  • Joey

    Damn, I didn't want it to stop!

  • Liam

    That DVD is going to be amazing

    • Anand

      I Just started watching it and it is awesome. The kind of blood and sweat and hardwork this guy put in over the past decade to reach where he is now is so inspiring..

      The DVD with all those clips from Indy and RoH was amazing to watch…

  • Pizzaman

    Shut up and take my money now!!!

  • AnacondaVise

    I can't freaking wait. I think WWE has been getting really good at doing these DVD's and this one should be epic.

    • Anand

      It is and I can vouch for that… Most probably wrestling fans who'll see this DVD will cheer for punk instead of booing him (which is what WWE expects us to do for heels).

  • Joey

    I understand that people like certain wrestlers and opinions are out there. This man is just too good to "suck" like some people say. He's just physically and mentally built around professional wrestling.


  • Bishop

    I’m a sucker for DVD’s dedicated to wrestlers opposed to dvd’s with just matches (IE “Top Matches of” and “Best of Raw/SD”). I especially like how they dedicate one whole disc to the story of the wrestler and how they got where they are today.

    WWE Network, I’d they ever get the ball rolling, should dedicate a time slot every week for a career roundup for those in the WWE today; who do not have a DVD out. Guys like Swagger, Ziggler, Kofi and Tyson Kidd would all be interesting stories to cover, pre-pro wrestling as well.