Watch A New Commercial For Raw Supershow's New Timeslot, Starring Vince McMahon, John Cena, CM Punk, & More, Here

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WWE aired a funny new commercial after Raw Supershow promoting the upcoming switch to a three-hour format, featuring Vince McMahon, John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Kane, The Big Show, AJ, Triple H, and more. The video is embedded below:

  • RJ Hewit

    Most of their attempts at humor fall dreadfully flat, but this one is very good.

    • tngbeard

      That’s because it probably wasn’t written by their own creative team. LOL.

    • Khalid

      The WM21 Commercials were absolutely hilarious
      WWE can be funny

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    funny but ouch for cm punk kawti fans, other than that FUNNY

  • r.brodie

    cant see it un uk grr!

  • Ellen

    Love it!

  • Kleck

    This commericial was well done and very funny.

  • LeeMc

    Anyone know a link where I can see this in the uk?

    • dusty588

      I'm in Canada and can't watch it either, but theres videos of it on YouTube that you can watch it from, it really is a good one!

  • Tyler Bowles

    I freaking Lol’d when Kane said “I need to bake a cake”, Them Show said “I need to lose weight” and Triple H said “Got your message, Khali’s here to check your prostate.” Lol. Hopefully step in the direction for good commercials again.

  • Ken

    Analysis: John Cena doesn't listen, Big Show"s still chubby, AJ's still small, Kane can't bake a cake, Big Show likes cake, Punk hates Kuwait, Sheamus and Kofi need a date, R-Truth is still nuts and apparently, McMahon needs a prostate exam… from Khali.

    In short: FUNNY!

  • Mr.Love

    This reminded me of the movie promos from wrestlemania 21. I thought it was good, short and funny

  • Kevin

    This actually made me laugh out loud! That was HILARIOUS! They need more commercials like that.

  • Note to WWE: fire current creative team and hire USA network’s creative team.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Sweet comercial. When HHH says Kali’s here to check your prostate Vince face expression is like he is here to do WHAT. Sweet