Watch A Preview For The Attitude Era Mode In WWE '13 Here; Billy Gunn Added To WWE Alumni

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-The official WWE Games YouTube channel has posted a preview of the Attitude Era mode in the upcoming WWE '13 video game, embedded below:

-Billy Gunn has been added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Click here to view his profile.

  • Logan_Walker

    That face expression in Billy Gunn’s bio profile is very annoying. Damn.

    • What annoyed me is they spelled his finisher “famouser”, not “fame-asser”.

      • Paul

        Stupid pg… Can you imagine “mr ass” on current wwe programming?

        • Logan_Walker

          I bet they’re gonna have him come out to his “the one” gimmick theme.

        • hurrigame

          I think you mean Mr. Arse.

        • Kevin

          Yeah, his wrestling shorts would look like this: a**

  • Lawrence0x7

    Mr. Butt!!!

  • I hope they have the full outlaws entrance

  • Mike B

    I can imagine mr ass on the program today, his name is mr Ziggles

  • Tony

    They Need to make a attitude era DVD soon

    • Or you can just buy dvds from the attitude era on ebay. Theres thousands of old wwf/e dvds on there for like 2 -5 bucks each.

    • David

      I’m with you 110% but the only problem is it would have to be rated TV-PG14 goes against PG initiative but still make it for the fans

  • Like RTWM so awesome