Watch A Recent TNA Promotional Appearance Featuring Bobby Roode & Mickie James Here

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TNA Champion Bobby Roode and Mickie James were on Q103 in Albany, New York with Dalton Castle on December 29, 2011. You can watch the appearance embedded below:

  • ayat

    hello there mr richard gray
    if possible can u tell me the reasons behind as to why TNA cannot be compared to or reach the same level of WWE if not better than them especially in terms of ratings and also why cannot TNA compete with WWE just like those times of WWE – WCW rivalry do you think we can or will ever witness a TNA – WWE rivalry and why doesnt it happen right now and also did not happen earlier
    is the main problem of TNA the lesser investment made by them
    thank you

    • Matt Scott

      You could try actually submitting the question to Ask WNW instead of just posting a comment.

  • lbp365

    First TNA is still along way from WWE advertising wise and to b honest that’s the most important part there storyline is beginning to suck to but they advertise to make u think its awesome and it works.