Watch A Vignette For Derrick Bateman As "The USA Guy" Here

The official WWE Universe & John Cena Twitter accounts have linked to a YouTube channel titled "TheUSAGuyWWE." The only video on the account is a vignette for Derrick Bateman portraying "The USA Guy." The video is embedded below:

  • KonyChimel


    If there's one guy who deserves a real push, it's Derrick Bateman.

  • Joe O.

    Don’t they still have The All-American American Jack Swagger? And we can’t forget Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

  • Esam103


  • Chris

    He has been trained by hack saw Jim duggan I see. Hmm… Yes I approve this message

  • Ken

    This could be amusing, in a sarcastic, ironic, totally over the top kind of way. He deserves the push though.

  • James

    I do love the fanny pack with the USA flag on it

  • kbunyon

    I will agree that Bateman deserves a push, so that is good.

    Beyond that, I've been talking with people about how boring most of the newer characters are. We haven't seen anyone as wild and off the wall as Savage, Hogan, Andre, DiBiase, Jake, Koko, Sid, Flair, Hacksaw, even Razor, Diesel Taker, Rock, Austin, and Foley – I think that's been part of the problem with the shows being more boring than back in the day. Yes, PG doesn't help, but when Hogan, Savage, Andre and DiBiase were on top, much of what we saw wasn't that far off from PG. Yes, the AE was much dirtier, but we used to tune in to see the good guys and the bad guys when we were kiddies not because Hogan was running around with socks shoved down his tights, but because they were so over the top that we couldn't help be in awe.

    If the WWE was to bring back some of that craziness, the over-the-top characters that we couldn't help but love and hate – get some of them out of boring tights and into something a little flashier – there might be a bit more interest. I think Ziggler is starting to be a little flashier than many, and it's working for him. I'm not saying everyone has to be over-the-top, but that they should bring back some of the flash and glitter, remind us of what many of us fell in love with when we were kids.


    • diddy

      The only problem with ziggler is that when he comes out waving his ass about i get the vibe he is channeling mr ass billy gunn.

  • Thumpa

    His skits with Bryan in NXT were amazing, he’s just naturally funny! GUNS CHICKS AMERICA!

  • Luke

    If WWE wasn’t PG, his theme could’ve been the Team America song