Watch CM Punk's Comic Con Q&A Here - WWE's Writing Team & Social Media Push, Future Stars, Career Goals, More

Video has been posted to YouTube of CM Punk's appearance at Ohio Comic Con this weekend. In the Q&A session, he talked about writing team, the recent social media push, John Cena, Colt Cabana, Sara Del Rey's work with developmental talent, the lack of current main event talent, wanting to main event WrestleMania, his feud with Jeff Hardy, and more. The video is embedded below:

  • Gurinder

    So coollll

  • mik

    got to say that was a great interview, punk is such a great guy and so honest and humble i could name a load of stars in wwe and tna that could take a leave out of his book,

    • Henry


  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    Cm Punk is such a legit guy

  • Joey

    Great great man. Brutal honesty with a down-to-earth mentality that only Punk can pull off. He's definietly my favorite superstar to listen to when it comes to interviews.

  • Eric

    now cena off the ratings can go up let punk do his shit n new talent what yall think bout that