Watch Dean Ambrose's Dark Match From London Yesterday Here

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Embedded in the video below is Dean Ambrose's dark match against Alex Riley prior to yesterday's WWE Raw Supershow taping in London, England:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Anthony for sending this in.

  • John Strunbull

    Gotta love Moxley's debut but hope this match will not be on TV. Hope his debut is on Raw or Smackdown with more hype or a bigger angle.

  • Adam

    Terribe match. Hopefully see him against someone better soon.

  • chelu671

    Dark match are never televised. Based on the last set of FCW episodes, Dean Ambrose was starting something with WilliamRegal. I say start him off in Smackdown with Mick Foley or NXT with Regal.

  • Dustin

    It's not a debut, it's a DARK MATCH… and he's done several of those already. As for the quality? Terrible for a Moxley (Ambrose) match, but probably the best match Riley's ever had. We need him against somebody the calibre of the people he's been facing on FCW (Rollins, Regal, etc.) on TV.