Watch Episode 11 Of Ring Ka King Here

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Episode 11 of Ring Ka King is embedded in the video below courtesy of the official YouTube channel of the Colors Network:

  • TNA Ring Ka King ia amazing as in this GM is also attacked.Jarett trying to buy Ring Ka King.

  • Mike

    Did anyone else see how deliberately hard Scott Steiner punted that Indian ref in the side of the head? (26:57 to 27:05) That was just brutal and vicious on Steiner’s part. I’m assuming Steiner was a little angry about how he flubbed the top rope move. Piss poor display of professionalism there on Steiner’s part.

    • Mike

      Just watched that bit again, and noticed how stiff Abyss was working with the ref too. The poor kid looked genuinely scared. Either all that wasn't quite supposed to go down like that, or that ref, whoever it is, answers the question posed in the Think Tank the other week about who the best seller is…

  • Cem

    i am so happy they are bringing back mask kane.i been niwtiag for this two happen for years now hopefully we are going to see it.i just hope he comes back with the mask in the attire that he whore back in 2000 when paul brearer was managing him