Watch Footage From John Cena's Gym Here; How Kane Survived Bump Off The Ambulance

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- If you missed the video package highlighting John Cena's gym on last night's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, you can watch it embedded in the video below:

- WWE setup a landing pad at the top of the ramp prior to last night's Ambulance Match between John Cena and Kane for the spot where Cena delivered the Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance.

  • dark knight

    i HATE it when WWE doesn't make the video available for my country!

  • Jason

    Of course there was a pad, hence the reason they didn't show where he landed

    • Guy Landau

      not to mention the sound of cushioning when he hit it

  • Dangerous Lee

    There is a lot of testosterone in that cena video.


    Is that Cena's house in the beginning?


    Look at the sign at 2:04,the sign says OH OH!Look I'm on TV!!

  • Brian H

    Last nights ppv was poorly put together and predictable as always.

  • that you would like to see Awesome kong vs Beth Phenoix and I totally auderstnnd why but I would choose Gail Kim. Simply for the reason that I believe that she is the most underrated womens wrestler ever in the WWE. In my opioun she is by far the best wrestler ever to step foot in the womens divison and I would love to see her go against Awsome kong because I think that they could have some extremely good matches

  • I long for the days when Kane had to use that goddamn voice box to give his one word awrenss.I really hope Undertaker returns next week and Brodus Clay shows up and chokeslams him STRAIGHT T HELL!And is it just me or are Lawler and Cole taking their broadcast cues from Monday Night Football? It’s like listening to Jaws and Gruden argue about this guy right here for 2 hours.