Watch Kassius Ohno's Debut Promo In FCW Here

Kassius Ohno, known as Chris Hero during his time at Ring of Honor, delivered his debut promo on the March 11th edition of Florida Championship Wrestling. Video footage of the promo is embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending the video in.

  • jdl

    Not bad, someone just needs to tell him to up the energy a bit.

    • Blazeking

      Nah, I think it was fine. Soft spoken but hard hitting. It's like he said: "I cuss with my kicks and K.O. with my elbow". The energy level needed was minimal. The debut is when you're going to get the full experience and I can't wait for it.

  • keagan

    I hate his new name. I understand they wanted a name they can be associated with KO, but thats the best name they can come up with? development names are getting worse and worse. I betcha there going to name someone Husky Harris next…o wait

    • Heda

      In all fairness kassius I’m pretty sure is inspired from muhammad Ali’s real name so when you count that in as a factor it’s actually a pretty cool name

      • Blazeking

        Yep. You nailed it. Kassius is his take of "Cassius" so it fits with his motto which is knocking people out.
        His name is supposed to be said like "Kassius…. Oh no" but announcers will just call him Kassius.

    • CaliburUK

      I’ve been told by a reliable source that he actually chose the name himself. I’m not a big fan of it myself but if he picked it and it wasn’t just pinned on him then we can’t really criticise the company for it

  • sdd619

    I think the "Kassius" name might be a rib/tribute to Muhammad Ali, whose birth name was "Cassius Clay" before he converted to Muslim

  • Hashtag Daley

    He has an odd creepy vibe to him.

    I also love the end-line. It should be the cheesiest thing ever, but he pulls it off.

    “It’s Kassius…”

  • Ricky

    I liked his promo. Hopefully he makes it to the WWE. Hero's been all around the world and has busted his ass for YEARS to get this shot.