Watch Last Night's Smackdown Here

You can watch last night's Smackdown embedded in the video below courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel.

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  • As always, maesowe article. I think this actually might be one of my favourites that you’ve done, if only because the show itself was so good. I obviously like wrestling humour and a large part of that is making fun of stupid stuff, but reading so much positivity (especially the part about Punk) was pretty cool. Not that you don’t ever find the positive aspects in all the shows anyway, but you know what I mean. Other highlights for me – Getting across my exact views on John Cena and his defining heroic moment in a far better way than I ever could. – Christian as a male WWE diva, which I never realised but is amazing.- Chavo Guerrero sucks. – Big Show being injured sounding like Frank The Tank, which is hilarious. – Basically all of that, to be honest. Oh and the only thing I sort of like about Cole constantly harping on Bryan for being a nerd is how much Booker T springs to D-Bryan’s defence.