Watch Last Night's Smackdown Here

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Embedded in the video below is last night's edition of Smackdown courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel.

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  • I would have to choose Wade Barrett. Granted, it seems like the WWE might poslibsy be about to do something with him. This is a guy who could be put into a feud with anyone and it would produce entertaining matches, great promos, the works. Without Barrett, the Nexus may been as tough as the Spirit Squad. He could enter into a program with any face or heel, he could get over with the fans however the WWE wants him to. If he were to be facing off with CM Punk, no one would really know what to expect. If they squared him off with Mark Henry, people could get behind Barrett taking down the monster and if Barrett wanted to get back to having full heel heat after the fact, he could do it easily.The list of possibilities is as long as the WWE roster. He’s versatile, entertaining, and should be on the same rise as Dolph Ziggler. #BarrettBarrage indeed.