Watch Michael Cole Attempt To Get An Interview With Glenn Beck At His Studio Here

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Earlier today, Michael Cole took a camera crew to Glenn Beck's studio in order to attempt to get an interview with Beck, after he declined the invitation to appear on Raw. The video is embedded below:

  • Chris

    Way to show those massive grapefruits Mr. Beck…

  • Luke

    Well there you have it Mr. Beck is the most hypocritical moron in the entire world

    • shwo

      he’s pretty bad sometimes but what you stated is.more true of Barack obama

      • Don

        Or Bush more than obama!

  • Carl J

    First of all, this feels incredibly staged.

    Second of all, if it is not staged, then of course Beck won’t talk with the WWE. He doesn’t trust them. He knows from years of experience that an interview will be formed entirely of leading and hostile questions, and then edited to present the worst possible side. This is infantile.

    • Carl J

      Why is this tape so edited, anyway? Edit out the long waiting but leave in the actual conversations.

    • luke

      whats infantile is Beck’s comments in the first place, figured such a big political hot head would support our right to watch what we want. WE THE PEOPLE

  • wrestlingfan4life

    Glen Beck truly doesn’t know the WWE. If he did, he would have taken Cole up on that offer, because he would have known that no one – AND I MEAN NO ONE – blows off Vincent Kennedy McMahon like that and gets away with it. Cole wasn’t there because he thought it was a good idea; he was there because Vinny Mac sent him there. Who do you think Cole was on the phone with? VKM himself, that’s who. No, Mr. Beck, this isn’t over simply because you refused an interview. Vincent is like a bulldog: once he sinks his teeth into something, he doesn’t let go until he accomplishes his goal.