Watch Several Video Highlights From Last Night’s Impact Wrestling; What Did You Think Of The Show?

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Embedded in the videos below are several highlights from last night’s edition of Impact Wrestling courtesy of the official TNA YouTube channel.

After watching, head on over to our Facebook page and give the show a school letter grade:

Super Bowl Star Brandon Jacobs Calls Out Bully Ray

Zema Ion vs Alex Shelley

Matt Morgan and Crimson vs Samoa Joe and Magnus

Sting Drops A Bombshell On Bobby Roode
ODB vs. Gail Kim

The First Interview with Jesse Sorensen After His Injury

Television Championship: Robbie E. vs. AJ Styles

Brandon Jacobs Slams Bully Ray Through a Table

  • Louis

    Gail Kim prove herself last night she’s right WWE wrong.

  • enrique

    sting should have some respect for the dead!

  • the only way wrestling would come back if they eptposd acting and actually made it believable. when your a kid it looks great but now you can tell its just entertainment nothing else

  • Kane magically made a wall of aemfls appear to shut Cena up.If that was the only thing that happened out of that overwrought speech it would have been just fine. That’s honestly all I want him to do! Kane should be this big Frankenstein Monster, crushing people, chased out by heroes, the works. He should never, ever speak. Monster wrestlers are fantastic as boss fights for bigger heroes and to send Jobbers (the term was good enough for Al Snow, it’s good enough for me!) to the proverbial woodchipper. This mask/monologuing thing was done better by Cody Rhodes! Kane doesn’t need that, he just needs to be big and on fire.*sigh*