Watch Several Video Highlights From The 1000th Episode Of Raw Here; What Did You Think Of The Show?

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Embedded in the videos below are several highlights from last night’s WWE Raw Supershow, courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel. After watching, head over to our Facebook page and rate the show:

WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. John Cena

Kane & The Undertaker Reunite

Lita vs. Heath Slater

On Behalf Of Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman Accepts Triple H's Challenge At Summerslam

The Rock & John Cena Come Face To Face

Intercontinental Championship: Christian vs. The Miz

The Rock Announces That He'll Face The WWE Champion At The Royal Rumble

Mr. McMahon Announces That AJ Is The New General Manager Of Raw

Slick Prepares To Marry AJ & Daniel Bryan

AJ & Layla Backstage, w/ Hacksaw Jim Duggan, R-Truth, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mae Young, and Her "Son"

Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger

Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, & Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, & Dolph Ziggler

Damien Sandow Interrupts The D-Generation X Reunion

D-Generation-X Reunites

Mr. McMahon Thanks The Audience For 1000 Episodes Of Raw

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  • CJ

    All very predictable!! Not the best show

    • Phill

      It seems any criticism of WWE gets you a minus rating on here.
      I enjoyed the show, The DX reunion was fun (missed Chyna though) and it was great to see so many legends – APA, Brothers of Destruction… surprised at lack of Stone Cold!
      Brodus squashing Swagger was dull.
      AJ getting the general managers job was… erm weird?! Hopefully it won't be a long reign, and hopefully Daniel Bryan doesn't get into a in-ring feud with Charlie Sheen…
      Pleased for The Miz – lets's hope he gets a long reign with the intercontinental title.
      Excited about Brock Vs Trip – hope things get very nasty and personal!
      Excited about Heel Punk Vs Rock Hopefully. Face Punk was getting boring in my opinion. I want the Punk that spoke out against Vince/WWE – and yes Cena.

      An enjoyable episode of RAW and rightfully so… but I think the TNA is better than WWE at the moment! (that's my opinion, not a fact)

    • James M>>>

      CJ, where were all your predictions preshow? I’ll go check this out and bounce em against what happened on raw and see how you did?

  • Tripp

    Great heel turn for punk. He thrives as a heel. Would’ve liked to have seen cena turn heel instead but can live with the fact he was the 1st unsuccessful mitb winner

  • George Takei

    The real DX was the best part, and I missed it last night cause of poopy work. Thank goodness for these videos.

  • Matt

    Triple H: 'Wait, did there use to be more of us??' 😀 This was the best raw in along time!

  • Karen Church

    Hoping the Rock kicks punks ass!

  • Ace Vivid

    Where was Cody?

  • Judy Bulhoes

    I enjoyed the show until the last match. Doing what they did with Cena and Punk was low class and so predictable. I am so tired of enjoying a match to have an a–hole interrupt and end it that way was not so cool. Should have put that match in the middle as most of the rest of the show was fun to watch. Cena should be given back his money in the bank suitcase because of show. Hope crazy AJ does just that.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Cm punk has finally gotten over as wwe champ and now the rock comes in to take punks spotlight away from him. I’m sick of the Rock coming in when ever he wishes and steals the spotlight from superstars who put in the time. Rock put in the time if you want to be wwe champ. It’s the first time we see you since wrestlemania and now you are getting a title shot at the rumble. I no a big name goes along way, but something tells me we won’t see you again until the rumble. People might not like cena, but cena is allways there wwe champ or not. The rocks true love is Hollywood. The Rock makes me sick, and the way people love this guy makes me want to puke. Much respect for those that put in the time week after week month after month year after year. Rock either go away or come back for good.